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  1. carlhermans

    False Heading and Compass display

    Dear Colin, Ian and Luis, First of all sorry for my late reply. I was a few days out! And sorry for my ambiguous formulation of my problem, using "deviation" a complete wrong way. As a sailor i had to know better! Many thanks for Colin's solution. I disabled my latest scenery add-ons ( EGBB; LOWW Vienna; abudhabi; and The Alex Fraser) and the problem was solved. Everthing works correctly. I will find out tomorrow which one of the 4 scenery add-ons is the guilty one! Kindest regards and thanks again for your highly estimated help!!! Carl
  2. Dear friends, Since a few weeks I get a complete erronous heading indication on my RMI and magnetic compass. This happens in every aircraft from Cessna to iFly B737 or PMDG 747-400F At the runway 34 at Seattle the real heading (of the runway) is 340°, the compass and RMI indicates 290° At runway 26 at EBOS the actual heading is 260° and I read on my compass and RMI 124° Flying a iFly 737 from Brussels to Birmingham the aircraft is following the programmed course in the FMC - tot the wast but the indication on the display is completely out of course... the heading is about 175° to the southeast... Is it possible that my FS2004 lost his geographical north? I checked the deviation at several points on the globe and find that the error was very different: at some airports it was only 2° (ENGM Oslo); or 13° at TNMC (Sint Maarten) or 46° difference at EGBB (Birmingham). Is it possible to repair this error by replacing a "gauge" file? The FS2004 on my laptop does not have these error! Kindest regards and thanks for your estimated help. Carl