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  1. Greylensman

    AI aircraft

    Hi Flog Been using a utility mentioned elsewhere here and omg!!!! Most of my AI installations have got something wrong with them. See attached report. Sound cfgs, model cfgs etc. Lots of misspelling or omissions esp the sound dept. Guess I will be spending the next week or two sorting them out (after I have found out how to do it) Lesson learned, check your installation as you do it!!! I guess with the various cfg's being wrong that is why my planes weren't showing up. Only got 25gb worth of stuff to sort. Maybe get flying by Christmas. BTW Utility is FlusiFix2006. Very useful bit of kit IMO but what do I know, I just started:)
  2. Greylensman

    AI aircraft

    ok, here we go. just made a flight plan using woai Brussels airline. Went to Brussels and......... no traffic!!. Click on view traffic and they appeared. Switched between the a/c and was tracking an a/c in flight and got a ctd. Wonder if this has anything to do with my ati card? Not a popular choice it seems for FSX. .BTW, whichever a/c I click on only the a/c of that airline is visible apart from my a/c which is a stock 737. Anyhoo, shall go over to the AIFP forums and see if there is anything there about this
  3. Greylensman

    AI aircraft

    I agree about the models. It was the "lazinesss" IMO of the software designers regarding the fact that the atc side is rubbish. ie multiple versions of same tail number, wrong callsigns, missing callsigns etc. example the easiest callsign easyjet has been given atc id easyjet not easy plus a myriad of others. Several of the GA models have been the same tail number several times for each model. A lot of the military models have no id let alone the call sign. Plus I don't think the flightplans are that good as there are several ops at Stansted who don't use it. Sorry to sound pernickety but I want this sim to be realistic and this program (for me) doesn't cut it. For someone who wants a "quick" AI fix this is ok. No disrespects to peeps out there using this program. I suppose I could use the models for my flightplans but some of the liveries are really out of date and I would like to use the variations the fleets are using. To sum up, if I am paying, not a small amount, for a programme I would expect it to be of a better standard than this is. Anyway, back to the issues. 1. I am using UTT flightplans 2. I am using FAIB and djc models amongst others with either fsx, in the case of FAIB, or very recent 2004 textures and models as I read on some forum, rightly or wrongly, that these should be ok with fsx. 3. I am using AIFP2 to compile the flight plans. I use this program to validate, check for missing planes/textures etc before compiling. 4.I have used a couple of the jft models with the UTT plans and same result, no visible planes. I have purchased Extreme Stansted scenery as that is the nearest airport to me and will suit the type of flying I wish to do (short haul European). I load it up and lo, I am the only plane in sight. I select ground control for clearance and the I can hear easy, Ryanair etc asking for clearance. So, where are they? I open the view tab, click on aircraft and there is a very long list of tail numbers. I select a tail number and can see the, for example, easyjet fleet. I go back to my plane and they are not there. If try other views tower, runway etc they cant be seen. Only in "chase" view can I see them. If I disable my bgls and run the default (Trafficaircraft.bgl) everything is ok. Likewise with the Traffic360 everything is ok, lotsa visible traffic . Sorry for the epic tome but I hope this is enough info for you. This is my first attempt at a flight sim so I am prolly doing something, or not, so obvious but would appreciate the help. Thnx
  4. Greylensman

    AI aircraft

    Hi all, sorry if this is in wrong place but its first post. I have a problem with AI in that it is only visible if I hit the view traffic tab in fsx. I can hear the various airlines over atc chatter and that list in view traffic is very long. I have read a myriad of posts over the last 2 weeks and none of them have helped. I purchased traffic 360 and all the traffic showed but it is a rubbish package and still not correct after I patched it. I don't want to use the models from that package as they are not error free and just wrong in some cases. I just tried to compile a flight plan with a/c from the traffic collection as an experiment and got and same result. Is it something to do with using utt flightplans and the aifp2 programme? My rig is:- AMD Phenom IIx4 965 clocked at 4000mhz, Radeon HD6850, 16md DDR3 Thanks in advance for any help.