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  1. Hi, I can see a lot of States but I can't see the Florida option. Do you know which scenery base contains the Florida airports? Thanks
  2. Hello, I am a pilot student flying out of Van Nuys (KVNY) and Camrillo (KCMA). I bought this software for FSX thinking it would be a good tool to practice since I was thinking by flying VFR, it is important to recognize highways etc... But I am very disappointed. My PC is recent i7 with 16Gb of RAM. Two EGVA GTX 670. Three monitors 1920x1080. SSD with plenty of space available. I usually fly from 1000 to 3000 ft. No matter what setup I did, the scenery is flat and boring and pretty ugly. And also the Hollywood sign is missing! And the Griffith Observatory is sooooooooooooooo flat that it looks like a pancake after a sumo sat on it LOL. Anyway tonight I just purchased Aerosoft US Cities X: Los Angeles and wow. Although it is not totally accurate but at least major highways are shown - compared to MSE 2.0 highways are so flat that I can't recognize them. And the Hollywood sign is THERE!!!!!!! I am waiting for their ultra cities: Los Angeles. And this will be my last purchase from this company if the latest software is a flop. Anyone has better chance than me using MSE 2.0 California - low altitude?