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  1. bobby

    P3Dv4 and Saitek Controls

    P.S to all those good people who may take their time to help here , can I just add that many suggestions that have been posted elsewhere in good faith, e.g changing USB 2 and USB 3 ports, power problems ,hub problems, etc., I have tried and although they may have worked for some, they haven't worked for me. And please no more "try SPADnext". I have delved into this and I think that I could follow it and get the wretched panel to work. But I have no wish to allocate all the other bells and whistles on my Sim and planes as then things could get complicated,and good luck to those that wish to and can. I am reluctant to fork out more money on a 3rd party just to get my radio panel to work properly, which to me seems a simple problem for an organisation like Logitech , with all their technical expertise. Bobby
  2. bobby

    P3Dv4 and Saitek Controls

    Hi all --an update-- I have managed to get all my axis Saitek (Logitech) to work in sim without too much fiddling but, Lordi, these radio panels are something else!!! And ,yes , I have also posted on the Logitech forum, along with many,many others, asking for a solution. I see that people would prefer to stay on P3D v3 ,rather than to step over to v4 just because their radio and switch panels wont work on v4 even though they worked on v3. This cannot be good for sales for L.M. Logitech seems to think that downloading their new Plug in is sufficient. I have to, reluctantly, say that the Logitech forum is one of the worst forums I have encountered. Not for the lack of input by irate customers (many !!!!) and other forum members input in attempts to resolve the issues for others(well done) but a singular lack of ANY information, acknowledgement or meaningful support, from Logitech themselves in either acknowledging that there is a problem, and they are looking to fix it (sometime) or they are keeping quiet because they do not have the technical competence to resolve it. (Doubtful ). Well ,I can tell you , along with many others on many other forums , it is definitely NOT sufficient to just download the plug in. Surmising my, and many other's predicament is that you can download the Plug in and the test page and it all works fine in the test page , the knobs twirl and the switches click, the lights light on the panel and you can see it replicated on the test page. Grand ,you say, fire up the P3D v4 and as with the clock lights on the yoke, there is a brief flash of the numbers on the panel and that is about as good as it gets. NO amount of fiddling and switching on the panel is replicated in the sim ,either on default planes nor those such as A2A Comanche. Now, I am perhaps the worst computer literate simmer ever (yes I do understand that v4 is a x64 sim, which seems to have presented these problems) and I will eat humble pie if someone can tell me in my ignorance that I have just pressed the wrong button. But I would be pleased to hear if anyone can advise me what the fundamental problem is, computer speak wise, of making this connection work. Has anyone ,yes anyone, out there got this plug in to work (without Spad ! ) Bobby
  3. bobby

    P3Dv4 and Saitek Controls

    Hi guys --change of plan, rain stopped play here in Oxfordshire, so ,took the advice of AviatorMan and just plugged each bit in separately and it recognised it and I have calibrated it and away it has gone. Including the trim wheel! And I have had a quick fly around to make sure it connects in the sim. Yippee. Now, to download some ORBX scenery and if that goes to plan, a couple of A2A planes. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. Bobby
  4. bobby

    P3Dv4 and Saitek Controls

    Hi--both thanks for the quick replies. I am away this w/e so assimilate the info. and will try them out late Sunday together with any further that might arrive. Much appreciated. Aviatorman -- did you resolve the trim wheel issue or was it that you had already had your money's worth and just wrote it off ,or did you persevere? Mine is only about 6 months old so I am reluctant to ditch it as I found it most useful in the FSX.
  5. bobby

    P3Dv4 and Saitek Controls

    Hi guys--Some of you may recognise me from earlier posts migrating from FSX to this platform with a new PC,(W10, 1070, i 5 8600k but not yet working) and you have provided info that has been helpful, so once again I turn to you for advice. Sorry to add/reopen this thread, and perhaps I should have started another after so long of no added responses , but has there been a recent update to the Logitech (Saitek ) issues with P3dv4 on W 10. either by them or any others out there? I find it difficult to believe that out of all the people that must be on this new platform with this gear they have all had to fiddle about some 6 months after the release of v4. although many of you are more than capable of doing so,or are flying on keyboards. And if there is not a simple fix then no one is going to buy any Saitek gear until it is? Or perhaps I have just plain missed it. I have Yoke, TPM and trim + rudder pedals all of which have worked fine on FSX. and still have the disks but using those to download the drivers obviously won't work. I am not sure that anything offered on their website will actually solve the problem. Will it? I have spent hours scanning all sorts of forums to see if there is an (simple) answer to the Saitek controllers/panel issues and I have seen loads of suggestions ( just plug 'em in and let W10 find the drivers, do nothing except download and get SPAD next (at more expense), copy from existing P3Dv3 file, which I have not got , remove this file and add this etc. use other ancillary add ons such as FSUIPC etc. Some who have looked at the new SPAD says that it is too complicated . At the moment I have not tried the 14 day free trial as if it didn't work or is difficult then that is something else I will have to deal with. I see so many "try this" and people come back and say didn't work for them. Is it so simple as Tavarinho as responded earlier? Not enough power? Use the remover tool? Or should I be pragmatic like Ron and accepted that the odd problem is there but easily corrected though annoying. Did you just plug and play Ron or is it all through FSUIPC, which I do not have? But I do not see anything that says "Logitech have updated the drivers (at last) and it all works fine, go here", not even on their web site. There is a ref. to a you-tube video by Frans Jeijsman (?) but no link and I have failed to find it. I am no techi nor a tweaker and so the thought of having to go into the inner workings of the computer removing and replacing bits of programmes I find a bit scary ( I have had well more than my 3 score years and ten) unless it is just going in and deleting/reinstalling things. I am also reluctant just to try the plug in and let W10 do the work, unless a good few of you have tried it and it works, 'cos it seems that if it doesn't, that just might add more problems. I just want a plug and play system with no probs, just as I have had for the last 6 years with FSX. So, any new purchasers of this gear since v4 that have successfully got it to work out of the box.Any additional helpful advice that I might try, or even an update that some of you have tried and found to be a permanent solution? Any help much appreciated. Bobby
  6. Hi all--- Have just switched to P3Dv4 and wanting to download it and all my other stuff on W10 . Have used I E 11 before but now see that Edge is the browser here. I have tried to convert to IE11 but seems very unstable on my new machine. Has anyone had any problems downloading with Edge? I see in the P3D guide that a downloader is promoted but I have also seen many other posts saying this is not a real requirement. Any advice on this and to which one is simple to use?
  7. Hi--- recently come back to this plane and now trying to learn some basic IFR flying with vor- dme etc. However ,I find that although I can change the Nav frequency on Nav 2, I am not able to change the "whole " frequency number on Nav1 but can the decimal frequency by the grab and click method. I thought that a patch was issued some time ago (2008?) for the original release but am unable to find it. Or is it finger trouble? If it is not a glitch, would a reinstall from the disc solve it? I like to fly this plane and would hate to leave it in the hangar. There is no radio/nav etc. info in the handbook that came with it. What sort of radios are they. Any help would be appreciated
  8. HI all--late into this topic but my related experience is to do with the offset. I have had the same prob since new (2+ yrs ).Saitek forum did suggest replacing the code but did not fancy that. But my planes want to dive into the ground on the right!!! . Searched many other forums at the time and the unplug was the only one that didn't involve replacement of code etc. And guess what ? It works So basically I just add it to the start up procedure. Load the first plane (whichever) wait for it to load on the tarmac and pull out and push in the usb.Good for the rest of the session on any other plane that I choose to fly. AS far as I know this problem has still not been fixed by Saitek and no patch has been released. (Has it?) Bobby