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  1. looksha

    Looking for a few fixes

    I use FSUIPC for almost all of my commands, except the FSX for panning and primary flight controls. I looked in the FMC at the "key commands", so I understand that I could assign keyboard commands, but I still can't get FSUIPC to recognize the saitek trim wheel for reassignment... Does only one have experience with this that would be able to help me through it? I will look into EZdoc further....so many add ons to get this thing to behave nicely.
  2. looksha

    Looking for a few fixes

    1) how do you disengage the autopilot & auto throttle a second time to stop the flasher on the panel? For me a second click would just reengage the autopilot. ( is there a way to do this with SPAD/ FSUIPC?) 2) I want to be able to cycle views, but there is one view (and I understand it has to do with the resolution I am using on my monitors) where as soon as it cycles through it, I can't see anything on the lower part of the screen, and the mouse starts flashing uncontrollably. Is there a way to fix this without changing the screen resolution? 3) is it possible using the old SPAD (not SPADNext) and FSUIPC to assign the trim wheel on the saitek panel to control vertical speed...I don't like using the rotary knob. Thanks again for your help! Shaun Gilbert
  3. looksha

    Flight instrument information is not displaying

    IRS were aligned. But that wouldn't explain the engine gauges not displaying would it? I just did a full install of steam and reloaded the aircraft, it is all better now. I am quite inexperienced with all this so I'm sure many more questions will follow...thanks for the help guys!
  4. So I recently did a reinstall of everything on my Sim computer, and now when I load the NG there is no information on the displays...I've searched to see if the problem has been posted before, but all I can find is information on "blank" screens. My screens aren't blank, the basic stuff is there but all the flight info like airspeed, engine gauges Alt, VS. are not shown. Any thoughts as to what I'm Doing wrong? Thanks Shaun Gilbert
  5. looksha

    737 power issue

    Ok, had a look... Weather engine seems fine... Checked prog pg 2 and the SAT was 4* at 6000'. The "altitude" doesn't seem to be the issue... It seems like the engines are under powered
  6. looksha

    737 power issue

    It doesn't appear to be a SID restraint (SID in use would be 7000.. But I removed the constrain). That and it doesn't level right at 6000... And the speed remains low and doesn't increase at all once level. The WX engine...maybe... I use REX, but I wouldn't know where to check the temp. Any other suggestions? I'll have a look at REX when I get home.
  7. looksha

    737 power issue

    Hi Guys, I'm having trouble the PMDG 737-700 not developing power. I'm pretty sure it is an incorrect setting. it is configured light on fuel...light on payload...and not using a reduced power take-off. Yet it only climbs to about 6000ft ASL (much higher altitude selected on MCP, and no RNAV crossing restrictions) and doesn't accelerate past the flaps up maneuvering speed (bug speed higher). Auto-throttle is armed, and I've tried with and without use of TOGA. I stumbled across a service pack (#1) and it said it fixed an issue with the IAS when TOGA was used...I've downloaded it, and plan to install it tomorrow, but it doesn't seem to address my specific issue. And maybe "not developing power" isn't correct as the engine gauges show that the power is being generated, and I guess I should mention that the aircraft is gear and flaps up... Any thoughts?