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  1. cad913

    ILS approach

    Hi Bert, no it indicates below GS or in the case of my overshoot it flew Through the GS and required me to intervene and land manually. It does occasionally fly a perfect ILS approach but it seems hit and miss.
  2. cad913

    ILS approach

    Sorry should have said it descends into the ground seceral miles before the runway. I also noticed last night on an ILS approach into KBFL that the aircraft was attempting to land beyond the runway.
  3. cad913

    ILS approach

    Hi guy's, When doing an ILS approach in the caravan I sometimes notice that the aircraft begins diving several miles from the runway threshold. It is almost like it is following a glideslope as it is usually around a 500ft/min descent but takes place well before the runway. Anyone experiencing this as I can't find much info on the forum/internet. Thanks Lee
  4. I was getting a fatal error whilst trying to load the MD-11 so I uninstalled it and tried to reinstall, When I insert the disc and click install I get a box saying "could not write license data" and to contact support, Any ideas? Lee
  5. I have looked around but can't seem to find either a definitive answer or an answer that was in easy to understand language. I would like to permanently change the angle that the VC cockpit uses instead of pressing 2 on the numpad for it to reset back to centre when I look away. This is to view the instrument displays especially in the default 737 and 747. I understand it may be possible in either the aircraft.cfg or cameras.cfg files but not sure how. Thanks for any responses Lee