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  1. Having the exact same issue. Installed/reinstalled twice and same result. Black texture square where the bezel should be
  2. Numenra

    Throttle & Engine Problem

    Thanks for that, I went back earlier today and tested things and all is well. Guess I did not read things properly to stay within limits.
  3. Numenra

    Throttle & Engine Problem

    I guess it would seem i am not the only person experiencing this. Just took off and yet again the engine shutdown. I hope there is a patch immediately.
  4. Numenra

    P3D/737 Clean Install Freeze

    Thanks for the responses... The rollback I did back to Win 7 was via the option available from reverting back from Win 10 so I really did not have to reinstall it but it is something to consider on the drivers. When I say whole system freezes I do mean that, the whole computer freezes and I have to hard restart the system there is no keyboard interaction and there is no log. I'm fairly certain the proper simconnect is running however I will take another look at that as based on the replies this seems to be a common denominator.
  5. Hello, I hope someone may have a solid fix but on sunday I went and did the Win 10 conversion didnt like it and went back to Win 7. I did the proper uninstall of the sim prior to and then did a complete fresh install back on the same drive previously in the Win 7 environment. However upon reinstalling the 737 when I select it in the vehicle select my whole system freezes. There is no blue screen, there is no pop up warning a complete freeze of the computer. Prior to this the sim and the aircraft were absolutely fine, there are no residual traces (that I can detect) of the Win 10 install. I have done virus scans, my drivers for my Nvidia card are current heck I even today bought a brand new hard drive specifically for the sim and the same thing happens. I have installed other aircraft to see if anything else would reproduce the same error but not one of them create the same problem. I am not sure what needs to be done at this point and I have not seen a thread similar to this issue. But again, I am not sure what is wrong and how to fix. My mind is exhausted on what to do after installing P3D on a brand new harddrive and then installing the 737 go into the sim select the aircraft and the whole computer instantly freezes. Thanks in advance for any support. KJ Allen
  6. Numenra

    GTN 750 in PC-12

    Hello, I just the other day picked up the PC-12 and have incorporated the wonderful changes that have been provided. I do have the GTN 750's installed however is there any other location that I can download the bezel. I tried the dropbox link and it is not working