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    HELP KIAS problem!

    hi, i was flying in fsx. i was at fl35 with a speed hold of 265 kias. when i looked it said the ground speed was only 265 knots!! I don't know how to fix this to make it show kias instead of gs. BTW the atlimeter was set correctly and the mach setting was off. ANY HELP??????
  2. jackisboss

    HELP KIAS problem!

    Well, i was flying in a nice 737-900er delta textures from KDTW-KTPA. I was cruising at FL35 with a speed set for 265 KIAS. But, when I was checking my cruising speed, I was at a GS of 265 knots!!! I have not tampered with any CFG file regarding speed. I don't know how to make the KIAS speed show instead of GS!! BTW I had the the altimeter set for the standard 29.92. Any help please!!!!