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  1. SK77


    Can you download the D-767 data automaticly without the addon? I read that the FMS updater scanns my computer for addons and of course it won't find the Level D-767....
  2. SK77


    Can u link to where I can get this? I found the navigraph homepage but not sure what to get. So do I downlad the FMS Data manager and by a cycle?
  3. SK77


    Hi! I'm using PFPX for flightplanning and I've bought Nav data updates from Aerosoft, but I can't find any map that VoxAtc accepts for SID/STAR....every file I try Vox says "No nav data in file" . What am I looking for exactly?
  4. I reinstalled the VoxPop Base, done that before but now suddenly...wired.... Yea, but my FSX is down to almost bottom, wonder if I mist something, VoxAtc 5 was no problem....
  5. I reinstalled and now it works, GREAT!!! But it speaks so low I can hardly hear what they are saying, I changed it to max in my mixer and under voce config I've set every voice to max, where else can you turn up the controllers voice??
  6. I downloaded everything here and set it up as described. First time it seemed to work, but after reinstalling I can't play any of the voices....and I've now reinstalled 4 times...
  7. No, I have not added the path to Nav Data in advanced settings, not sure where it is, just assign to the main folder or? Something is wrong with the voice config, it looks good but as soon as I hit speak to test a voice it crashes. Didn't do that first time but after reinstall, how do I delete it all it doesn't go away completely for when I reinstall it all looks like before, I don't have to add voices. When did u pause/unpause, after pressing enable or?
  8. Problem with reinstalling is that everything is not deleted when uninstalling. When I reinstall everything is allready filled out like license, voice conf and so on.... Yes, I guess I have to email him, I'll let you know his answer.
  9. I've tried with FSX own flightplanner but same problem, I've also tried to tune in clearence but that dosen't work either. I've tried default planes and airports as well as from Aerosoft. How is your voice setup in pop Vox? Wonder if something can be wrong with the sound config. Once when I deleted all the vocies and ran with default Windows Anna or what her name is, it actually worked with the textbox and I could speek and the text responded but I couldn't hear anything. I tried to restart but then it was back to Fatal error.... No, I've not contacted anyone yet besides this chat.
  10. Well. I have reinstalled everything but now when I hit enable it says just initializing and the simulation pauses. Popvox server is running in the background and when it starts up all the different voices says "test". Not sure what to try next?
  11. Yes, PFPX exports it to both FSX and NGX and I set it up in FSX before i hit "Fly now" in the same way I did in VoxATC 5. I'll try to uninstall everything and see if that helps, I'll keep you posted.
  12. Hi, I just bought and installed the VoxAtc 6.46. I used the version 5 before without any problems so today I bought and installed version 6. I have downloaded and configuerd Popvox as stated in the manual. I've run the indexer and panel config. I have my flightplan created in PFPX and exported to my PMDG 737-800NGX and I have also filed out the SID & STAR setup after saving my flight in FSX at the gate. I press the "Enable"-button and the text "6.46 initializing" shows and after a short while all the vocies one by one says "test" as it should do. But as soon as the last voice has said "test" the text changes to "FATAL ERROR! Disable VoxATC". I've tried diffrent aircrafts, set the ATIS freq and also call ground/tower for radio check without any respons. No AI traffic i displayed either (I use UT2 with bridge downloaded) I use FSX with win 8.1 and english system. Everything worked fine with version 5. Any ideas?
  13. SK77

    VoxAtc 6 vs 5

    Ok, thanks for your reply!
  14. I'm using VoxAtc 5,31, is it worth upgrading to 6,34? What is new? I'm using it with UT2 and PMDG 737NGX.
  15. Hi all! I'm using VoxATC version 5,61. I have a problem with that both controller and answering pilots are using the same voice, Mike. In the setup I can choose female pilot Mary and under controller also Crystal, but they all speak with Mike's voice. Anyone had the same problem or any ideas?