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  1. arecee - July 5th.

    Tried to get on and it came up with a odd looking "beta" login asking for my account info. I got spooked and closed it. Seemed kinda suspicious to me. Has anyone else seen this problem today?? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Just checked it again (an hour later) and seems normal now.
  2. I asked about sky in an earlier post here "XP11 Noob, Questions" and got a good answer. As for visibility distance, it can be set with a slider, to me 25 miles looks about right for VFR. This online manual does a nice job of explaining settings and sliders to get a smooth running experience (also confirmed my suspicions that I need to upgrade my GPU).
  3. I tried the demo for a few weeks. About gave up on XP11 till I figured out how to get rid of the haze. I was not impressed with the demo. I've played sims since Flight Sim 2.1 on a 3.5" floppy. Loved FS9, but that damned money pit FSX burned me out with the constant tweaking and gave up on the hobby about 4 years ago. I had P3Dv2.5 and never even installed it.... A few months ago I finally installed P3Dv2.5, and realized I really do miss the hobby and purchased P3Dv4. A few days ago my wife surprised me with Aerofly FS2 for my birthday, tried it for 70 minutes and was bored to tears, so I refunded it and got XP11... My wife hasn't seen anything but the back of my head since I got XP11. I can't leave it alone :)
  4. Worked great, thank you!!!!!!!! What I did was copy sky_colors_orbit.png and sky_colors_clean.png and to desktop and renamed "clean" to sky_colors_clean.png.bak and sky_colors_orbit.png to sky_colors_clean.png. Then copied both back to "Skycolors".
  5. I purchased X-Plane 11 yesterday, very impressed, but have a couple questions. 1. how to set sky color as default? I've been mostly using the Orbit selection, but have to tick it every time I start. 2. rudder/yaw. I'm enjoying the default 172, but I don't have rudder pedals and find it hard to stay on the runway during takeoff. I end up "exploring" areas where I didn't want to be. Is there a way to lessen or even disable the p-factor?