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  1. xandirules

    ADF Frequency

    Hi Bert!! I'm kind of novice so I need some assistance.. I was able to locate panel.cfg of TBM 850 and pasted the [Window07] section you suggested. At first, shift+7 combination popped-up a windows with switches and knobs operation instruction. Then I made the same edits with [Window08] heading instead. This time Prepar3d gave me the following User Tip: No panel is mapped to Panel 8 Key combination (SHIFT+8). I also would appreciate more detailed instructions on how to create a popup window with a radio and a gauge in it for a baron... Thanks in advance.. 2017-2-25_17-7-47-165 (Medium).bmp
  2. xandirules

    Prepar3d V3.3 -Teamspeak PTT issue

    Found solution.... Just execute TS3 as administrator. The hint was given during vPilot install. My bad.
  3. Greetings Commanders, I need help... I have both V2.5 and v3.3 installed on my system. Vatsim - Brazil has a virtual training facility in SBYS where the instructor acts also as APP Controller. Having different PTTs keys assigned for vPilot and Teamspeak enable to speak to each channel. Formal ATC com is done through vPilot (Vatsim) and advice and instruction dialogues occur in a Teamspeak 3 room. This works great in P3d V2.5. However, when I'm flying P3D V3.3, TS3 does not capture the PTT key press, whenever P3D is windowed or full screen. I have to change focus to TS3 by clicking on the program's window in order to it capture the PTT key, talk and listen, then click back to P3D. Is there any workaround or this a limitation of the newer version? Will I have to put the newer version aside and continue flying in V2.5 in order to use TS3? Thanks in advance, JC Uehara
  4. Same here... Win 10 + Prepar3d v3.2 + EZdock
  5. xandirules

    PDF Kneeboard in P3D V2.5

    IT WORKED!!!! Thanks for the tip jimcarrel. I launched a search in explorer and found almost 6 versions of simconnect.msi in my Program Files Directory. Installed all of them. Some didn't install due to some errors. In my case the problem was to to find the correct version of the simconnect. Thank you very much. P3D V3.2 / Win10
  6. xandirules

    PDF Kneeboard in P3D V2.5

    Also unlucky here... Running P3D 2.5 and version 1.8x for FSX. Copied DLL file to Modules directory, edit DLL.xml file, re-installed simconnect using [P3D]\redist\Interface\FSX-SP2-XPACK\retail\lib file. Still not appearing on addon menu nor K key lanches de kneepad... Very few steps to be done and yet... no result... Difficult to see what could be wrong...
  7. xandirules

    TileProxy and P3D?

    I hope you already solved your problem. If not... I was exactly with the same problem, did what JayVaugh8 suggested and got stuck the same stage you were. What Idid miss was the LEGACY MODE!!! It is one of the shortcuts, almost at the end of Migration Tool window (Explore;Start;Start in Legacy Mode). Just launched the link and the tiles were loaded!!! In my case no need for a clean install. Thanks a lot JayVaugh8!!
  8. I tried every method I could search on foruns to disable windows driver enforcement with no result. First I tried disabling using the F8 key option. Then I tried advanced settings/selecting disable driver enforcement. Then I tried Readydriver plus 1.1 with boot.bin for Win 8.1. During boot message appears that Boot.bin is missing, but is there!!! Then tried dseo13b.exe method. In each attempt I tried to launch Proxyuser but I could see on the DOS window that the program could not connect to the filter... Any help is welcome.... Thanks
  9. Problem Solved!!!! TurboTomato gave me the initial kick because we both were scratching our heads wondering where does the directory went.... It turns out the directory was in C:\Users\JoaoCarlos\AppData\Local\Temp\livman\Clean Version. For some reason Livery Manager opened there temporarily and failed to move to its final destination... Then I tried to install it manually. Tried to edit the aircraft.cfg and got a prompt from Windows 8 stating that I needed administrative rights to complete the operation.... That rang a bell: for some reasons my installation of Windows 8 demands that majority of programs that make changes in drive C has to have administrative rights. Changed Livery Mananger properties so it runs as Administrator. Now everything is OK!! Thanks everybody!!
  10. Hi everyone, I'm a total beginner, not familiarized with the directory structure and files locations... Running Prepar3d V2.5.12945.0 Aerosoft Airbus A320/A321 is my first 3rd part aircraft/model I'm trying to install. All models that came pre-installed show correctly in Prepar3d. Tried to install some liveries... Download the zip file from http://forum.aerosof...iae-tam-pt-mxi/ Used the Livery Manager/Add Livery, selected the zip file, Livery Manager recognizes the livery, gives option to clean or dirt. Every thing seems OK but When I go to Prepar3d the livery does not appear on the vehicle selection menu... When I check in C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Airbus A321 IAE directory there are Texture directories to each model, however, I cannot find any Texture directory for the new livery I tried to install... When I go back to Livery Manager the livery is installed with all the options for backup/uninstall availables... Tried to uninstall and re-install. No effect. The same thing repeats to every livery I tried to install. I didn't tried manual installation because it seems intimidating... Am I missing something? Does Prepar3d requires any additional step? Thanks in advance,
  11. xandirules

    Saitek X45 - Not been able to adjust controls

    Thanks a lot NEMO!!! Your tip worked!! First I got out my installed airport, chosen default Bonanza and set La Guardia as the airport: no result, same problem... Then I went to a very tiny air strip in the middle a Canadian forest: IT WORKED!!! Now I have set it as my RESET FLIGHT to my old X45!! ^_^ Thanks alot
  12. I really need help... I'm a total beginner and having a hard time trying to configure Prepard... Installed Version 2.5.12945.0 and latest Saitek drivers. At first no problem at all. I was able to assign some functions to my extras buttons on X45. Everything was OK… Them I reduced sensitivity for elevator. Everything normal for a couple of days and all of sudden P3D stopped fully recognizing X45. I say fully because I still I have all the assignments working OK except for the sensitivity on yoke. When I tried to re-trim sensitivity I realized that P3D control/settings was not seeing my X45 anymore: only mouse yoke options were available… Tried to disable and re-intall Saitek drivers. NO effect… Did a clean install. This time installed FSUIPC4 and assigned the same functions. Installed OrbxFTXGlobalBASE130. MigrationTool_2.5.1.728. A scenery to Sao Paulo (Brazil), SBSP, SBGR In every step a tried to configure Saitek X45 and everything was OK. But, out of the blue, without any new install of addons or similar, between a test fly and another, when I tried to fine tune some assignments... KABOOM!! P3D control/settings was only seem mouse yoke agian. Although all my previous assignments were functioning well, there is no way to access configurations to my joystick. Any help is very welcome. Thanks in advance, JC