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  1. Dionys

    ATI vs. nVidia?

    So, after reading all the comments to P3Dv2 in different forums it seems that ATI cards are working very well and mostly with better AntiAliasing from stock than nvidia cards. Now I'll wait a few weeks until the Radeon R9-290X cards with custom designs are avaiable an then I'll spend my money for an ATI R9-290X. The main problem of this card was the cooling solution at the ATI reference boards, but this will be history with the custom designs from the graphics card manufacturers. And without the growing pains the R9-290x is very close to an GTX780TI but you can save a lot of money...
  2. Dionys

    ATI vs. nVidia?

    How about the differences between using an ATI or a nVidia GPU in P3DV2? Do you already have any experience? I'm sure that many of us are thinking about buying a new graphics card, me too. But what's the best solution for V2 and for my wallet? I don't want to buy a GTX Titan or GTX 780TI, but rather an ATI 280X, ATI 290, or GTX 770 and GTX 780. Is any of the often used Games for GPU-benchmarks (ARMA, BF, Crysis,...) comparable with P3DV2? Regards, Manuel