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  1. declantraianou

    PMDG 777 ILS landing

    do i download them?
  2. declantraianou

    PMDG 777 ILS landing

    thanks guys. i did not receive the manuals so i havent been able to see. ill try it tonight, thanks!
  3. declantraianou

    PMDG 777 ILS landing

    okay thank you! so i have to pick an ILS landing in the DEP/ARR and it automatically inputs the frequency so really to get the ILD i only have to be at the correct altitude and just press the APP?
  4. declantraianou

    PMDG 777 ILS landing

    hi, can somebody help me with the ils landing for the PMDG 777? i have the nix and is pretty straight forward but i cannot figure out where i put the frequency's in and how i actually set it up. please help!
  5. declantraianou

    PMDG 777 Air Canada livery

    Anybody know where i can get an air canada livery for the PMDG 777? if so can you provide the link.
  6. OMMMG thank you! if you do i will be so impressed and so greatful! THANKYOUMATE!
  7. maybe to some people it is but for others it isn't. seeing that aircraft here in Melbourne is breathtaking and to re-create flights with it would be so cool. loved to see it so anyone who is willing, it is much appreciated. thanks mates
  8. this is a very good site for pictures and video of the aircraft paint. thank you to Kyle Schurb for this!
  9. not sure but the pmdg nix is such aigret aircraft you can't even think to go back. if anyone can then id really appreciate it. I've seen it done for the project open sky too.
  10. great! thanks for the suggestion but I'm stuck on the nix can't go back! when there are a few pictures out would anyone be up for this extraordinary livery? loved to see it thanks mates
  11. Hello NGX or any re-painters, If anyone out there could please create a livery for QANTAS's new VH-XZJ aircraft also called "Mendoowoorrji". it is a great paint and loved to see it ut there. please if someone wold be up to it leave something back notifying me so i am aware. here are pictures relating to the livery: (there are more images on google images just search in " VH-XZJ). once again thanks to anyone who would do this for all of us qantas lovers!!!!!!!!!!