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  1. OhItsJustJake

    Fsx SP2 Error. (Out of Ideas)

    Just as an update, after trying everything I had read, I decided to just find a copy of FSX Gold. It installed all the service packs and I activated it with my FSX Deluxe Serial, and It works wonderfully.. I knew the computer I was using wasn't at the same level as my previous computer, but it struggles to run my favorite add-ons. Sucks that I went through all that to see a massive performance dip, but oh well. I'll be getting myself a better computer in the short future here. Thanks for all the help y'all, I really appreciate it! Jake
  2. OhItsJustJake

    Fsx SP2 Error. (Out of Ideas)

    Jim, I have been been searching for anyone to post what they've done to fix it, and it seems that everyone links to that, and if it doesn't work, they don't ever post how they did (probably from the excitement of figuring it out). When I look into the log file for the installer for SP2, I notice that it is looking in the correct place for the Language.dll. Now I don't know exactly what I am reading, but it does look like it finds it, and then the installer tells itself that it is "Ignoring disallowed proporty ACESVERIFYLANGUAGEFILE" . The installer looks like it I identifies the "ACESVERIFYLANGUAGEFILE=C:\AFSX\language.dll" Which is exactly where the file is located, so I don't understand where the problem is.. Each time I do a clean uninstall I do follow that PMDG guide to uninstalling. The only thing I haven't done is run my CCleaner, which I can't believe I haven't thought to do. Although, I do make sure I go into the registry and look for any trace of FSX in the only places I know them to be (although maybe there are places I don't know they make entries). I should try again, making sure I run my CCleaner. As far as Users go, there is just the main user, and a guest user. I suppose I could go in and delete the option for a guest user. I did go in and retry the installation of SP2 after I read what you posted about adding permissions to all users. I will post the latest SP2 install try's Log file. After that I will try a fresh install making sure my entire computer is absolutely void of FSX. I will be sure to post my results. Thanks all! Here is the Log file. <..........>
  3. OhItsJustJake

    Fsx SP2 Error. (Out of Ideas)

    Charlie, when you download SP2 it downloads as fsx_sp2_ENU.msi Its a msi file not an exe. So the right click doesn't allow a run as admin. However, I did google instructions to force msi files to run as admin, I followed instructions and the "Run as Admin" option now shows up when I right click the msi file, but nothing happens.
  4. OhItsJustJake

    Fsx SP2 Error. (Out of Ideas)

    Saim, I have not yet gotten it to install. Chris, I did see that and from what I can see, the registry is correct every time I fresh install and go to check it. N60JBravo, My OS is 32 bit. If anyone can read the installer log for SP2, I can copy and paste it here for review.
  5. OhItsJustJake

    Fsx SP2 Error. (Out of Ideas)

    Recently, I have moved house and am now using a different computer than I was previously using for FSX. I remember having a hard time getting FSX to install correctly on my previous system but I am now encountering a new problem. Following many guides I have reinstalled FSX a total of 8 times in the past 48 hrs in an attempt to get Service Pack 2 to install.. Each time I reinstall FSX, I make sure it is completely wiped off my computer (all folders, files, and reg. entries) Each time: I install FSX RTM. I have the Deluxe version. I make sure that FSX does not install to the default location but instead a location that is directly in the C drive (C:\AFSX). After the RTM FSX is completed, I activate, start FSX, Load default flight, fly, exit flight, exit FSX. Reboot. Then I install Service Pack 1. After its done installing, I load FSX, load default flight, fly, exit flight, exit FSX. Reboot. Now, each and every flippin time I go to install Service Pack 2, I get the error that "Microsoft Flight Simulator X Service Pack 2 requires the English version of Flight Simulator X." I've searched the interwebs far and wide and come across the same thing over and over again about the Registry issue and making sure that it points to my FSX folder, and each time it is set to the CORRECT location. I've tried every thing I can possibly think of. Each and every time I have reinstalled FSX I get the exact same problem. I've downloaded multiple of SP2 from different sources, none work, all give the same error message. I have looked at the Log file created by the installer but I can't understand where it goes wrong. My registry looks exactly the same every time I do a fresh install as well. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\microsoft games\flight simulator\10.0 Contains: (Default) REG_SZ (value not set) CDPath REG_SZ F:\ LangID REG_DWORD 0x00000409 (1033) PID REG_SZ 83884-104-0269317-70865 SetupPath REG_SZ C:\AFSX\ My HKEY_Current_user path Contains: (Default) REG_SZ (value not set) SetupPath REG_SZ C:\AFSX\ FIRSTRUN REG_DWORD 0x00000001 (1) I'm running out of ideas. Both of the computers I have installed FSX on were running Windows Vista. Anyone have any ideas? I'm desperate for some guidance.