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  1. If I just want traffic arriving and departing in a realistic manner from where I am at -not really fuzzed about REAL schedules or if the model is 100% accurate. I just want traffic that feels realistic, which would be best suited? Simple traffic or AIG?
  2. PM sent. I recently purchased this product and by abmissal support, I can't access the videos due to not having a login password. The password reset link doesn't seem to work, and Ben does not answer any emails on the subject. I paid via credit card so can't use the Paypal recovery option either. The two videos I did watch before my login times out (and I can't get back in!) but this stonewalling and not answering any support is really not doing A2S any favours. I will be very cautious of them in the future, which is a shame, their videos really are excellent -but when you can't download them OR watch them on line, I really bought a product I can't access, and that's not ok.
  3. I bought the product, got the confirmation email and the welcome email. I then followed the link and got access to the content. I started watching, but after a reboot, I can’t get back in. No log in works and reset password doesn’t work either, so I watched the first 2 videoes and now can’t get back to watch the rest. Had I known about all the issues with this, I would have waited. I’m very disappointed, although the content I did see was very good, but obviously, I expect to have access to it for more than about 12 hours. With the login issues on the site, and no way to reset or get access to your paid content is a big no-no and they will loose a lot of sales (and returning customers, like me) with this terrible support.
  4. I think it might have been an issue with voices like you pointed out. After removing all the missing voices, I didn’t experience the issue on my last test. Will try another today and see how it goes. Thanks for your support.
  5. For some unknown reason, ATC stops responding when switching from ground to tower before takeoff. I’ve checked that the frequency is tuned both in P2A and MSFS. But there is nothing, no reply from ATC after that point.. Neigther speking myself or via the speak-it feature. This has happened on every flight the last 2 days or so. Today I suddenly got told to let atc know when I was ready to taxi, about 2 hours after I departed(!) and during my approach to destination. Very strange behaviour, and I can’t see the reasoning. I haven’t added anything to the sim that I can think of. Last thing I added about a week ago was the atc chatter files that are in beta atm(but via the external program, didn’t try to get it to sync with P2A) and some new IVONA voices -which also triggered my curiosity as suddenly most of my Microsoft voices that I had set up in the random controller option now are gone as well..? The only ones I had before that work are MS David and Zira the rest seem to have vanished!? the name set in the option is still there, but there is no sound when hitting test. I ended up deleting them all and just using the ones I did get a response from and the IVONA ones, but that was strange as well if I request flight following some time after departure that seems to work somewhat, but I don’t get vectored The whole program seems to have bugged out on me and it feels unstable and inconsistent without me understanding if I did something or I need to reinstall or what.. any ideas? - are there log-files that could give a indication on what is going on? edited for spelling
  6. If I use another plane it works, no settings changed. If I use the sayit feature, I can hear the audio, so it’s not the volume. I just don’t get any responses. I will take a screenshot and send in a bit i think it’s a issue with the fly by wire a320 but will try to double check your list. Thanks for the reply. edit: when I booted up the a320 and P2A this morning to document the issue, it was miraculously solved. I haven’t changed a thing so I find it very strange. Yesterday I couldn’t get a reply from atc at all in the a320 (though any other plane I tried worked as expected) but today it worked as normal. Very strange and I will update this if it happens again, but for now I guess just creating this bug-report helped! 🤪 unless there has been some update to sim or mod that I haven’t registered. Either way, all is good. Thank you for your assistance
  7. Not sure if this issue is with the mod or P2A, but whenever I try to tune any freq nothing happens (in the plane comms panel). If I try to tune manually, I still get no responses from P2A, so I can’t seem to make it work... any ideas or anybody else experiencing the same?
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