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  1. I've only tried the one configuration so far: fully loaded with passengers (each weighing a remarkably consistent 180 lbs), 100lbs of baggage in the 1st baggage area and 1000 lbs in the second. That puts the plane over its maximum weight, of course, so I reduce fuel load to 50% and it's just a shade under the MTOW. I take off with 1 notch of flaps and rotate anywhere between 110 and 120. The plane then pitches upwards like it wants to be vertical, and naturally the speed drops through the floor, into stall territory. The nose just doesn't want to go down no matter how much encouragement I give it... I'll load 'er up again and try it with your 2 pilots, no pax, no bags loading and see if that helps. Well, this is awkward. With just pilots, no pax or bags and full fuel, the trim issue is gone. I guess it was just too heavy, despite being under max takeoff weight? The good news is the plane is perfectly flyable in that configuration, and a lot of fun, too. I'll experiment with adding in more pax/bags and see how much I can get away with. Thanks for your comment, Bert. Without it I don't know how long it would've taken me to get to "maybe it's just loaded badly"!
  2. Is anyone else experiencing uncontrolled pitch-up movement on takeoff where even pushing the yoke in all the ways and trimming the nose down as far as the trim wheel will allow won't reduce the ascent angle to anything less than 10 degrees up? All my other aircraft behave properly - it's just the B1900D that's affected. I'm stumped. Beautiful plane but with this issue it's currently unflyable for me. I'd appreciate any suggestions you might have on getting around this difficulty.
  3. I've search the forums and Google (mother of all knowledge) but keep coming up blank. I'm hoping someone here will have the answer to my problem. The issue: when flying the Q400 I use FSX's default ATC. I load the flight plan, enter the details into the FMS, dial in the radio frequencies via the FMS tuner and communicate with the default ATC using the standard Press 1 for saying this, 2 for saying that system. Everything works perfectly for almost an hour. Then, inexplicably, the default FSX ATC stops giving me an option to reply. I can still hear it talking to me, but there's no way to select a reply (in fact, reply options aren't presented on screen). IFR flight guidance gets cancelled on me by ATC and I have to continue as VFR - which works fine. Any ideas on what's going on? Any hellp would be appreciated! Thanks!