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  1. Just reset the views in th XP graphics menue, that works
  2. ic2779

    Sweetfx stopped working

    Hello I got mine working perfectly again, I uninstalled the Windows update KB2670838 that did the trick. Works perfect again. Wolfgang
  3. ic2779

    P3D 2.4 and Sweetfx

    No Performance hit, the menue gets a bit jerky, but I can live with that. Wolfgang
  4. ic2779

    P3D 2.4 and Sweetfx

    Thanks, I will give it atry once I get home. Wolfgang
  5. ic2779

    P3D 2.4 and Sweetfx

    Hello Everybody I´ve been using P3D with Sweetfx from the start through all versions with great performance, I find it pretty much essential, at least to tone down the saturation and sharpen a little bit. Now all of a sudden I get a strange behaviour, Sweetfx works after a fresh install, but as soon as I change the display setting in P3d the effect is gone, after that it still works on start of P3D but quits after i click the Menue or go to full screen, no error or whatsoever just no effect. I´m using the current 344.48 Nvidia driver on a Win7 64bit system, I rolled back the driver to a previous version but that didn´t do the trick either. The funny thing is it appeared like overnight and is not related with 2.4 as it worked with that version. Maybe someone has experienced the same. Wolfgang
  6. ic2779

    Sweetfx stopped working

    Thanks I did a fresh install of P2D and got Sweetfx working again, untill I installed some addons. I suspect the A2A core update causing this. Wolfgang
  7. Hello I have been using Seetfx with P3Dv2 with great results through all versions up to 2.4. Now all off a sudden it stopped working, it loads but as soon as I click the P3D menue the effect is gone. I have rolled bach the Nvidia driver but it didn´t make any difference. Any ideas? Wolfgang Hi I forgot to add: Win7 64bit, GTX780ti Prepa3dv2.4 Wolfgang