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  1. Spooling

    Mouse movement freezes FSX

    Nope, no overclocking here. All default values.
  2. I'm aware that having the cursor on the screen lowers FPS, but for some reason any movement with the mouse causes my game to freeze until I stop moving it. Happens in any view as well, not just VC. I can move the mouse in circles anywhere on the screen and my game will completely freeze until I stop, then it takes a few seconds to catch up and unfreeze. It's just movement that does it, the cursor itself being on screen doesn't do anything except lower FPS a bit as long as I'm not moving it. Is this normal behavior for people? Anyone know a solution by chance? Things I've tried: Turning off mouse shadows Default cfg doesn't fix it Updated to latest drivers Mods that I use: PMDG 737 Aerosoft A320 FTX Global Opus MyTraffic Any help would be appreicated Thanks!