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  1. Hi Everyone, the last time I used avsim was around 2010. I'm now an electronic product designer and I'd just like to ask you all a few questions about my new product. I know how difficult it can be to start creating a home cockpit without any coding knowledge or without spending a fortune. My new product is an output board that syncs the users aircraft radio stack with up to 4 exterior displays such as 7 segment screens. The board also has an input for 30 on/off switches which the user can program through our software. The board also has inputs for up to 8 rotary encoders (4 double encoders). I'm manufacturing separate boards that have actual aircraft rotary encoders for maximum realism and another board that has 5 character displays so making a radio stack will be as simple as plug and play. The board is in the early phases of development. Let me know any suggestions you have? Sam