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  1. Freddy Wilhelmsen

    FS2CREW, Q400 and SPAD.neXt

    Hi again! Maybe I am slow: isnt the point of having the LINDA=YES option to make it possible to use fs2crew along with spad next? I cannot see any use in this option if it only "fixes" fs2crew logic, and still "destroys" logic??? Freddy
  2. Freddy Wilhelmsen

    FS2CREW, Q400 and SPAD.neXt

    Hi again! Yes, I have set LINDA =YES, still there is interference that causes my Saitek multipanel to misbehave during flight. If I am not using FS2CREW, multipanel behaves as it should. Please advise!
  3. Hi! is it possible to have the GTN750/650 displayed on a second monitor, like you can do with the stock popup windows? Freddy Edit: thread can be removed.. found answer further down.. sorry for me not checking other topics thoroughly.
  4. Freddy Wilhelmsen

    FS2CREW, Q400 and SPAD.neXt

    Hi! Tried to use the newly release version 3.1 and setting the option LINDA=YES, but still FS2CREW interferes with :( Any ideas ? Freddy
  5. Hi!! Decided to clean up my pc today, and did a full reistall of windows 10, latest prepar3d etc. After installing vfx central, and the Chaseplane through vfx, it will not start. Creates an empty crash log file on my desktop. Any1 have the solution to this? Freddy
  6. Hi again! Solved my issue.. double mapping in chaseplaane and p3d caused this. Everything ok now. Freddy
  7. Hi! I am positive that both points you mention are fulfilled on my side here, but just in case, I will verify tomorrow (its 4:25 am here now ). I will contact you through the email. Freddy
  8. Hi! Seems this is with all aircrafts.. once pressing the key/button assignement for reset camera ore a directly mapped key/button in the preset page, it aleays changes to next sub category in the default view menu. I will try to investigate this furter tomorrow, and i will post back here. Freddy
  9. Hi Keven! The keys/buttons i use for this in chaseplane are not mapped at all in p3d.. Strange issue! Can someone weigh in here? Freddy
  10. Hi! I am trying to assign shortcut keys for my presets.. Tried using the general "reset cam position" and also the direct assignment in the preset holding CTRL key. Once i press my mapped key, P3D changes view category from default "On-Board (chaseplane) to next category "cockpit" and panels disappear. Then when changing presets with my mapped keys, it stays in the "cockpit" category.. I have tried to comment out the "HotKeySelect=xx" in all other camera definitions except Chaseplane in my cameras.cfg, and also in the airplane "aircraft.cfg", but issue remains. Any ideas appreciated Freddy
  11. Freddy Wilhelmsen

    Mouse with 4 buttons.

    Hi Keven! Thx for a superquick reply . Maybe a "out in the blue" question for you to answer, but any ideas how far you are from alpha 2? Really miss using the buttons for changing presets Freddy
  12. Freddy Wilhelmsen

    Mouse with 4 buttons.

    Hi! First: thx for a great product! My issue: In the first alphas I was able to map mouse button 3 and 4 for changing between presets.. in the recent alpha, chaseplane does not recognise these buttons? Rgds Freddy