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  1. Ottomic

    Frequency snapping

    Hi, Seeing how I'm back into flight sims, and I was really happy with the demo when I tried it back then, I'm just about to pull the trigger on p2atc. However, there's something I would like cleared out before I do: Back when I was trying it (2.5.something iirc), p2atc would have the annoying habit of "snapping" into the comm decimals for me, which was driving me *nuts*. I would try to move it past a point but it would snap to the previous frequency, sometimes even moving the decimals back a number, and it forced me to scroll up, wait for it to snap, scroll up, etc. That made changing frequencies really cumbersome and I couldn't find an option to disable it. So, before I finally decide to buy it, I would like to know, is there a way to disable that behavior? I couldn't find anything on the manual or forums online. Thanks!
  2. I bought a PC-12 from Carenado (Xplane 10) and I'm reasonably happy with it, but there's a few things that really irk me: namely, the ECS doesn't really seem to work, there's some annoying flickering on the battery readouts, standby bus is nonfunctional, the endurance and altimeter values tend to bug out, stabilizer trim gives out errors, light controls are a bit wonky, knobs have touchy click zones, and I had to disable the exhaust effects or the GEN 2 wouldn't kick in plus some BAT HOT weirdness if shutting down and starting up again when chaining assignments in FSE (and I know I'm missing out a few). Now, it is a very beautifully modeled plane, but since I'm pretty commited to that plane, I would like a better systems simulation if there is out there. For a plane that costs 30 bucks and has some otherwise superfluous features such as moving cabin blinds, it certainly leaves stuff to be desired. I will eventually buy into XP11 (maybe this summer when it goes on sale) and I would like to know which, if any, of these issues have been resolved in that version. It's certainly annoying to have to buy the same plane twice, moreso when I buy it to alleviate issues that I feel should be fixed whatever the version, but if that means my enjoyment of it is better, I could consider repurchasing it.