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  1. Say again...

    Good to know. Just as I suspected. Thanks,
  2. Say again...

    "Calculate Safe EnRoute Altitudes- Pilot2ATC can calculate minimum en-route altitudes for your flight plans. However, this takes some time and if you’re flying long distances at high altitude, there is no value in this, so check this box. If you’re flying at low altitudes, in mountainous terrain, uncheck this box so you get this added safety check. When checked, Pilot2ATC will add the Minimum EnRoute AGL altitude (set elsewhere) to the highest terrain feature for each leg of your route as the Minimum for that leg." I am confused about this. If I am flying at low altitude and want the calculation do I check or not?
  3. Fanboi

    Got it up and running in XP11 on a new rig using 2214 and Navigraph data and I am very impressed. It has come a long way and is now an integral part of my flying. Thanks so much for your hard work,
  4. New computer

    Migrated to a new computer and P2ATC does not accept password. What should I do? Error message indicates can be activated once for any PC and on a maximum of 1 PC. Does this mean I need to buy it again??? Will contact you also by email.
  5. more questions

    An other. When I set up a flight plan is there or might there be a way to select a radial to a VOR as the first waypoint from the airport of departure, for example?
  6. more questions

    Call sign recognition works fine with Beech N6600M on flight. Thanks for your help.
  7. more questions

    Piper N6600M worked. Beech (and Beechcraft) DPH did not. No options checked. Did save. Will check it out this weekend and let you know if there are persistent problems. Thanks,
  8. more questions

    I had entered my call sign in the config panel and saved it. Did it repeatedly. Still no joy. I suspected a bug so, I closed and reopened but did not reboot. Still would not respond to it. Had not happened before. Will keep working with it. Good news about the weather changes. Thanks and keep up the good work,
  9. more questions

    Had a problem where P2ATC didn't recognize a particular call sign. Finally by changing back to different aircraft type I had used before it finally recognized it. Used config to change and save then validate and file FP. Can you explain why it might not recognize a call sign and tell me correct procedure for registering it? I use real weather through FSGRW. ATC gives me the wrong baro reading and it is invariably 29.92. Does the program know what the weather really is if I am connected to real weather? How do I query ATIS for info? Love the program. Finally had a chance to get in to it. The YouTube 'say it' demo helped a bunch. Making big strides in learning the lingo and getting comfortable. Very glad I got it and use it. Thanks,
  10. questions

    Wilco and thanks,
  11. questions

    Installed and configured and running with XPlane on a separate monitor in flawless fashion. Huge strides since version 1. I really appreciate the flight planning features. The program works seamlessly with XPlane. So nice to use Pilot2ATC to change radiofrequencies in flight, for example. The manual explains all. I notice the program with not recognize some .fms flight plans it created and will not load them once saved. I am wondering if a user-generated way point and the SIDS and approaches may be an issue. No matter because flight planning is so easy I may not need to save flight plans. I am a neophyte when it comes to ATC communication and have no real world skills to bring. I thought Pilot2ATC would be helpful in this regard but it is very frustrating for the beginner. I need a lexicon of the phrases ATC will accept. I am learning as I go. If these are unreasonable expectations I would like to know before proceeding. Very impressed overall.
  12. questions

    All good to know. I'm in. New headset with microphone on its way. Will put pressure on Navigraph. I know you want them involved. Pardon my asking. Thanks,
  13. questions

    Does Pilot2ATC work on a separate monitor? Is it going to be compatible with XPlane 1.50? When is Navigraph support expected? Can I use my FSGlobalRealWeather app? Thanks,