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  1. cotycomair

    PMDG MD11 winglet problem

    Thank you Jonathan, that solved my problem! It was the advanced animations, I was a little fustrated because couldnt figure it out. Thanks again!! -Isaias Thank you Crimtye for the reply. My problem was the advanced animations being disabled. I dont have the best PC out there so the VC looks a little rough in some areas and my video card is not powerful enough to run SP2. The holidays are coming up so is time for me to upgrade and get a new PC. Appreciate your help! thanks! -Isaias
  2. cotycomair

    PMDG MD11 winglet problem

    Hello everyone, Just got the PMDG MD11 and im having problems with the winglets and wingflex. The winglets come unattached when airborne and the wing wont move or bounce at all. Ive tried uninstalling FSX and PMDG but it wont do anything. Here are some pictures showing the winglets unattached from the wing. Any help is appreciate it! Thank you! -Isaias