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    FO wont start checklists

    Sorry for my delayed response. Frankly nothing.... anyway problem solved rebuild the PC from ground up with a fresh install of everything probably needed doing anyway. All working now. No idea what happened. Thanks for responding.

    FO wont start checklists

    Yes stereo selected, HS button showing and on, headphones set in config. Again this was working fine then suddenly its not working. I can see on the screen what I am saying - the FO just doesn't start/respond to flows or checklists. I spent a great deal of time trying to workaround this - I have read and tried plenty of solutions offered in the forums on the troubleshooting page. Apart from the simple stuff what else do I need to check?

    FO wont start checklists

    I have recently installed voice fs2crew for the NGX. Was working fine and now it suddenly won't start flows or checklists. My setup: - Windows 7 - latest service packs on the ngx - v2.3 fs2crew voice - turned on via config manager - 2d cockpit on load - trike loads first - EnableDataBroadcast=1 configured - Loading into cold and dark - Waiting until ngx to fully loaded - Headphones set to stereo I can open the Main Panel fine. Pre-flight runs fine I end on Preflight* (does not say Preflight Checklist as the manual states) I request the preflight check - appears in green - but nothing happens If I advance to the B.Start.Proc it won't start on request - again I can see the command in green just fine. I have uninstalled and reinstalled fs2crew I have uninstalled and reinstalled ngx including service packs and then reinstalled fs2crew It can hear me - lazy FO just dosen't want to start a checklist Nothing has been installed on my PC since fs2crew last worked. Help!!!