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    Poseidon P-8A Livery Issue

    Thank you all for the help. For some reason in the airplanes.cfg file, it showed the house cfg for all aircraft. I deleted all of the addon ( ie: [fltsim.1], [fltsim.2], ect.) and reinstalled the repaints again and everything was good to go. Don't know why this happened. I don't usually "play" with the cfg files. Again, thanks for all the responses. Vinnie Covino
  2. superchief57

    Poseidon P-8A Livery Issue

    I just recently re-installed Prepar3d.v3 on a different hard drive and uninstalled and re-installed PMDG 737NGX back into Prepar3d.v3 on the new HD. Everything works okay except, the Poseidon Livery is the same for Mad Foxes and the house Colors. Seems that whatever is in the [fltsim.0] in the aircraft.cfg file, is the only one that will show up. Example: If I put the Mad Foxes in the [fltsim.0] position, all Poseidon aircraft will show the Mad Foxes colors. If I put the the house colors in the [fltsim.0] position, then all Poseidon aircraft will show the house colors. Is it possible I have a corrupt Poseidon aircraft.cfg file? I tried repairing through the installer with no luck. Is it possible to get the default aircraft.cfg file for the Poseidon ONLY sent to me and install that? Then I can re-install the mad foxes. It's not that big of a deal but I just want it to be correct when flying. Thanks in advance for any help. Vinnie Covino
  3. superchief57

    PMDG 737 800/900 No Gauges

    I recently uninstalled and re-installed FSX due to issues with FSX. When I opened FSX and selected the 737-900 Winglets, the gauges were blank at first. Did an uninstall and re-install of the 737-800/900 SP1c package and now I have gauges with no information (ie.: letters and numbers). I was using the base aircraft then the UA livery from the PMDG site. Same problem. I'm not very technical but if you go slow and explain, I can work through it. Thanks, Vinnie Covino
  4. superchief57

    PMDG 737 800/900 No Gauges

    I contacted PMDG. Found out it was a FONT problem. They sent me 8 files and I only had 2 in my FSX Font folder. Inserted the files and started up FSX and it works great. Thanks for the suggestion. This is a great forum!! ;-) Vinnie Covino