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  1. greuff

    750 will not always start

    I have the same problem. Windows 10 1703, X-Plane 11.01
  2. greuff

    How to fly an LPV approach?

    Yes! It's working now. Thank you!
  3. greuff

    Old 530W in X-Plane 11

    Funny enough, Microsoft Office 97 runs under Windows 10. Amazing since it was released over twenty years ago. The GNS430 v1 on the other hand is only 4 years old and already dead. But thanks anyway for the response.
  4. I today purchased the GTN 750 for use with X-Plane 11 and so far it's working great. The only thing I didn't find out was how to fly an LPV approach. When I load and activate the approach there is no vertical guidance, even if I set the autopilot to APP mode (and GPS source). The trainer announces "LPV" so I guess it's in the right mode. Everything else, like ILS approaches, holdings, go arounds etc. all work fine. Did I miss a setting or step? P.S.: tried with Carenado C90 and TBM850
  5. I purchased the "old" 430 and 530 Reality XP gauges and still have the downloaders, license keys, etc. I want to use them in X-Plane 11, but the installer refuses to install in the X-Plane 11 folder ("not a valid X-Plane 10 folder"). Which is true, but I guess there must be a way to install them into X-Plane 11. I don't want to pay again for a product I already purchased a few years ago and that technically should still work. Any hints? Thanks