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  2. Why has become so slowly the support of PMDG

    Meanwhile, I am very angry about it that I have told your all, I'm in a circle of beta testers. btw there are several circles...if you not know what I mean, ask Google. My honesty is punished here! Take the time and look @ the roadmap of MS. e.g. Windows XP = ends (ATMs not now, because many of them runs with it) Windows 7 = ends (no regular support more since 01/2015) ...and it will go on like this. So and now comes Mr. Parr and suggests that it can be no more activations when the buyer has Windows 10 on it?! This is incredible and can never be the solution. I'll let here no details but after talk with some MS-Dev's the error was found and of course PMDG is properly running on a Windows 10 computer. Windows 10 is already suitable for everyday use, so do not cry when Hackers exploit vulnerabilities on your Windows XP/7 PC's. Pls btt or just close this thread. thX!
  3. Why has become so slowly the support of PMDG

    Of course, this is the best solution but I have to save my money for PMDG products. aaahm and I do not hope for a new 772 & 773 (after tons of activations) :D Have a nice day Greets C.Smith
  4. Why has become so slowly the support of PMDG

    Hello guys Everything is alright. Tonight, another supporter has the last Key (was two) unlocked again. For another users and Google (search function): Pls take your time, if not immediately get an answer from PMDG. Sometimes it goes fast, sometimes it takes a little longer. Pls anticipates a waiting period, thats the better way. Special thX to Kyle Rodgers and Paul Gollnick and of course to all other members here, who have responded or read. Have a nice day Greets Chris Smith
  5. Why has become so slowly the support of PMDG

    Hello again Kyle please understand my situation. I'm a Beta Tester of Microsoft Windows 10 and work a lot on that so that later many users to feel comfortable. (tons of bug reports, posts, chats and so on) I'm 100% sure I have reset the license a few days ago. (with FMC, after your last reactivation) I'm sorry about the situation. I will renew my partitions. It can not go on like this. However, I still very appreciate your work!!! OK. It is now 0:16 am in Germany. Have a good night guys. Chris Smith
  6. Hello I'm a little annoyed. The processing of the ticket always takes too long. May be that the support is in a different time zone but e.g. for reactivations could yet offer a global support. I'm waiting about 8 hour for it. If PMDG needs help for that, let me now. I'm in germany and at least 10/7 Online. Greetings