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  1. Hello all, I just attempted to install the PMDG 747-400 onto my system and was unable to get passed the first page! When I first clicked the set up I got a pop-up that said "NOTAM: Your FSX Versions is more recent than FSX SP1. This product was tested primarily using FSX-SP1, Acceleration and SP2. Please see the PMDG customer support forum if you experience problems with any versions newer than these!" All that is fine and dandy except for the fact that it won't let me install it and i'm operating Acceleration on Windows 7. After that I click okay and get to the first page where I can input the validation information. I've put in all the information correctly and then I hit validate and get another pop-up that says: "Your user information could not be validated. Close the installer before trying again. Or contact PMDG technical Support (support@precisionmanuals.com). This is most likely caused by your firewall!" I really want to get this product installed and I have no idea what I need to do to get it installed again. Thanks in advance, Daniel Troxel
  2. dtrox767

    Reinstallation of PMDG 747-400X

    Daniel Troxel. Thanks for that Vc
  3. dtrox767

    Reinstallation of PMDG 747-400X

    could you elaborate on the no name on validation? I just tried the e-mail. I put in a ticket earlier this afternoon. Thank you for your feedback.
  4. I recently uninstalled the 747 to reinstall it because of some sort of missing file that I was getting a warning for and after I have done that I am unable to revalidate my product and am therefore not able to reinstall it. I have attempted to contact the PMDG team without success and have absolutely no clue what I should do at this point. Anything will help. Thanks