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  1. I'm using the latest version of panelbuilder and xplane 11.33 Everything was working great until recently.. Now the CDI indicators and the DME on the HSI do not work.. The frequency is correct, I get the identifiers.. Interestingly, the heading, heading bug and the course selector work, just the CDI and the DME do not work. I also tried an RMI and the pointers do not work.. Any ideas? Could it be a port problem?
  2. I have the stand-alone Diagma yoke, The size of the yoke seems comparable to that of a B757 or Saab 340, definitely a little larger than a typical general aviation yoke such as a King Air. It is significantly more stable along the Pitch Axis and Roll Axis than my PFC Cirrus (Mooney style) yoke and magnitudes better than my long since retired Saitek yoke.
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