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  1. Cheers for the reply there Eugene, where did you get the freq's from buddy? That first one you mention was a typo on my part. However the other are correct as of FSC. I'm not questioning your useful info, just thinking I've got it wrong from my end. Which would explain everything! Geth
  2. How do I change the ADF mode in (for example) the stock C172? And yes, I'm trying the to follow using the ADF indicator, single RMI needles. I was starting to think that maybe I couldn't follow the NDB's with the ADF indicator but if that was the case how can I use it for the Filton NBD?
  3. Hi guys, I'm reaching out to anyone that has any experience or knowledge with VOR/NDB/ADF navigation. I've taken a break from flying tube liners on autopilot with the fmc programmed and GPS on etc and decided to go back to basics. So my problem, I know how to tune and fly to VOR's and NDB however I'm having major issues with the ADF needle. I can be in any of the stock FSK aircraft and can't seem to get the thing to work 100% Here's a plan I created with the freq's starting from EGGD (Bristol) on to Filton 325.00 <--- This one works, needle responds. However I can get the rest to!! Brize Norton 368.00 Oxford 367.00 Westcoft 355.00 Henton 433.50 Burnham 421.00 Woodley 352.00 Compton 114.35 (This is the only VOR on the route I decided to through in, naturally this works) Back to EGGD 414.00 This is just a round circuit I thought I'd try but just can't get the ADF needle to move on any of the above freq's? I've checked these freq's on FSCommander, charts and on the map in FSX but no luck. What am I missing guys? Many thanks in advance for taking the time to read this. Hopefully it makes sense...... Geth
  4. Sherman6842

    Yet another Speaker/Headset Issue.

    Chaps, I SOLVED THE PROBLEM! It's always the simple things that solve the funniest of problems! It turns out that within the 'Sound' options located within the FMC of the PMDG 737NGX there's an option that you can select so that the 'Aircraft' sound can either come out of the speakers or the headset! I'll post a screen shot. Maybe an addition to the manual chaps? Geth PS If you ever want a beta tester gimme a shout! ;-) (Won't let me insert but here's the link)
  5. Sherman6842

    Yet another Speaker/Headset Issue.

    Well that's what I thought Pete, but I've got the sound set as my speakers in the FSX sound menu but I'm still getting it coming throught the headset. Although that being said, the sounds of switches and the FA are the only things coming through them. It's as if once I got FS2Crew sort, FSX decided to play up! Geth
  6. Sherman6842

    Yet another Speaker/Headset Issue.

    Hi Bryan, You sir are a genius! However, and this new problem has genuinely made me giggle! FS2Crew is running like a dream......but..... now I get all FSX sounds through the headset and not the speakers? FS2Crew's First Officer and FA talk to me through the speakers (before FO put's on his headset then I hear him through mine, that's normal) which is fine but I'm getting all the engine sounds through headset? Any ideas chaps? I'll be one very happy bunny if I can get this last bit sorted! Thanks again Geth
  7. Good Afternoon All, To start I've scoured the forum for a couple of days now looking on how to resolve this issue myself without having to trouble you guys for a little help. Unfortunately I've had to come asking for help. I have an issue within FS2Crew whereby I cannot get the FO to play through my USB headset (Turtle Beach X12 with a USB sound card adapter). I haven't got any issues with playing FSX sounds through either the speakers or the headset. I've been into the Config panel in FS2Crew without the 'HS' button on and selected the USB as audio. I've then pressed the HS button and started the pre flight but the FS2Crew sounds always come out of the speakers. I've also tried this the other way round (HS buttoin first, then into the Config panel) I've tried making the speakers (in the playback devices of Win7 64 bit) default with the USB as Default Communication device and without. Basically I've tried every combination I can think of there. So to end this lengthy problem description I can only say that I am truly stumped on what to do next. That why I've come to you guys, the experts! In advance I'd like to say thank you to all and any replies! Gethin Williams