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  1. Padpilot

    P3D V2 as it stands

    Not up and running yet - still buying kit for the 737 rig. I've spent the last 3 weeks getting our A320 FDS hardware and software up and running. Talk about baptism of fire! The A320 is running on FSX and for the moment. My operating principle is if i aimt broke don't fix it! However, for the new 737 system Im starting completely from scratch.
  2. Padpilot

    P3D V2 as it stands

    Wow! Many thanks for all the advice. What a great forum! The last thing I need to do is spend time tweaking, this isn't a hobby for me but a necessity for training ATPL students! I'm hugely relieved to hear that most of you think P3D is ready for the job!
  3. Padpilot

    P3D V2 as it stands

    Hi simmers, I'm very new to the whole flight sim world but have recently invested heavily in hardware. I need to make a decision within the next couple of weeks on which flight sim software to use, FSX or P3DV2. I plan to use it to run an Engravity MiP probably with ProSim737 or the SimAvionics suite. The rig is an over clocked I7, with 16Gb RAM, SSDs, Nvidia 770 and 64 bit Win 7. Clearly P3D ought to be the obvious choice but I've noticed that as experience grows with it more people seem to be finding serious bugs. Bottom line: is P3D2 ready and stable enough to run it in a training environment or should I use FSX to start with whilst waiting for P3D to mature a bit? Id be really grateful for some thought from the experts! Many thanks in anticipation, Graham