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  1. EFIS PLN + Legs Page on FMC

  2. EFIS PLN + Legs Page on FMC

    Hi guys, On the NGX, the way to check your flightplan is to set he knob to PLN in the EFIS and the Legs Page will have a 'Step' option .... .... how is it done on the 777 ? Thanks
  3. Hi! I have a strange problem with my iFly 737 FSX. I am accustomed to the PMDG and I am sure the FMC is programmed correctly. However, when engaging LNAV and the airplane comes to bank left or right, it banks way too much, so then it compensates by banking way to much to the opposite side. This is what I mean in the title by not following LVAV exactly. Anyone experienced this ? PMDG flies pinpoint on the route
  4. Hi! I have a problem with the A320 Evolution. I load the route as it's supposed to be and everything and take off and everything is under control. Then when it comes to a turn, the a/c first banks too much left for example, then too much right to compensate, then too much left again to compensate again etc etc etc Can anyone shed some light please? Highly Appreciated!! Thanks