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  1. Does anyone know why there are no "assigned" button numbers for the china hat and the similar control to the left of button 1 on the right throttle? Thrustmaster lists a "number assignment" for all of the buttons and 4 way switches, yet these two are blank - they don't give them any number at all - just a bunch of arrows indicating the circular motion of the switch itself. . I wanted to make up charts when I set up aircraft - and wondered how they distinguish the China Hat - it has to be identified on a list some how??? I'm still relatively new to this so excuse me if the answer is obvious somewhere. Any clues? WG
  2. I actually did drag the monitors to 213. the 123 but for some reason nvidia had a mind of its own. I wonder if setting up my monitors in the windows (screen resolution) and extended dexktop had anything to do with it. I went as far as to swap monitor cables to match nvidias port assignments. ( 213 ) ... switch cables to 123. when I did that nvidia moved things around again.. What a pain.. So I shut the system down and while nvia wasn't looking I mover the monitors cables to get the desired results - 123. After dealing with an APPCRASH that resulted from dropping XCAMERA ( or what ever that new pluging is called ) into my plugins folder - I deleted it, and re-set my screen resolutions and BINGO.... Everything works and it looks and performs great. even trackir works after a lot of tweaking. Thanks for checking in to help. How to i mark a problem solved - or is that not important... i can't edit my subject line evidently. Wayne Anyway Problem(s) Solved! Never mind on the qesution about editing my subject line.. I just saw the button for "Mark Solved" I'm new and learning more each day!
  3. Update, FWIW... reconfigured nvidia surround and physically moved monitor cables after shutdown to match up with nvidia's designation ( which cable is 1,2,3) Xplane is craching on startup with an APP ERROR. only variable here is putting x-cam directory in the plugins folder. will remove X-CAM and see what happens tomorrow. Over & out!
  4. WoodsGlen

    Null zone setting, X-Plane 10

    WOW - Thank you for the info on my squirrelly Stinson. This could not be right I thought. I "used to " fly and I thought - HOLY COW... this is nuts!... I too am all over the runway and worse. Now I have to make some adjustments and try again. The 172 was a lot more forgiving, but still touchy. I've been 3 days now trying to get my monitors situated ( 3 monitors on a 2d span ) but x plane only puts the plane on the left most monitor. Something is obviously wrong here. No problem in DCS.. but XPlane wants no part of it. On to Day-4... thanks for the posts on this. One more for the learning curve. I really hope XP works out because I like the idea of flying stick and rudder on something besides a P51D. 10 degress in Maryland. Feed the fire and fly! Wayne
  5. UPDATE: I think (??) I have my card set up again. I forced it to sort of reset by unplugging the orther two monitors and going from there. I have my main monitor in the middle, and i can span the mouse all the way across However... XPX still insists on running on the left monitor unless I drag the screen to the middle monitor and then I can maximize it there .... if i hit any full screen modes it jumps back over to the left monitor. ( which is theoretically monitor 3.. ) What a pain in the neck! I'll sit tight and fly ROF and DCS untill someone can set me straight. However, this would be a nice simulator If i could get it to work. I like stick and rudder flying ( especially since I've never gone beyond SEL, VFR Wayne
  6. Something has gone out of whack with my Nvidia surround setup (GTX780 on a quad core with 16 gigs ram ). I origianlly configured my monitors so the main monitor is center and out side monitors are L & RH sides. 2,1,3 It works fine in DCS.. XPX was loosing my render menu off the screen due to me having resolutuon on span incorrect and when it went to full frame the menu disappeared off the bottom, out of sight. -- and I had to physically drag the airplane to the center screen out of full screen mode. ( this started last night ) It was originally in the center, TIR was a mess, and in span mode the view was terrible.. ( I did a lot of searching for that problem and will know if it works once I fix my current problem. In trying to figure out how to get the airplane on my main monitor ( in the center ... not on the left ) I fiddled with the Nvidia hot keys CTRL ALT 3 and 1 to switch back and froth from span to 1 screen to try and get my menu screen to stay visible and stay in the center - all good until I hit span mode and it's back on the left only.. The long and sort of the story is, that in 2D span, cockpit is on the left screen (only ) with span off it is in the middle screen.( but IIRC I dragged the screen there when I fired up XPX ) Something is telling me that XPX wants what ever monitor number was on the left as the main monitor - regardless of how I originally ( thought) set up the system to designate the main screen as center. ( I'm thinking it used to be #1.. but now it's #3 and something has completely reversed the monitor order - and thus swapped what ports display what monitor #) again, DCS aircraft had no problem landing in the middle of 3 screens - just XPX is not playng well. I would think 2.1.3 is is a logical position or what ever it takes as long as my main monitor is in the center and that monitor port is spanned. It gets worse.... Now when I backed out of x plane - my nvidia software is designating my HDMI port ( on right monitor ) as 1, the 2 on the left and 3in the middle. ( the order is totally screwed up from what it was ) or it wants 3,2,1 i can take my pick! i went into the windows monitor set up and things are all out of whack 2 3 1 with two as main display ( and I think it has moved 2 to the far left according to the screen icons ). How do I force this system to have the main display in the center again and have 2 and 3 on the outside. It has re-arranged my 3 monitor ports to a different order some how. And the HDMI port as a main screen is not an option because it is noticibly different in color and black level and never has been able to match the two DVI ports ( 3 identicle monitors ) - so I can live with it being off to the right, but having that as monitor port 1 that the nvidia card or software is forcing now is just not gonna fly! I'm sure some one has been through this mine field. I'd like to ideally have the order 2 1 3 and have the airplane in the middle and the wingtips out each respective window. I'd settle for what ever order I should have them in to have the span workl and XPX show up on the correct monitor - as long as it's not bass akwards in reverse order. I've been screwing around with x plane for a little over 2 days now and have encountered everything from totally screwing up my trackir plugin settings and not being able to get my aircraft back (I'm out in left field somewhere) to only seeing a shadow on the runway under me with cockpit 3d view and TIR and not being able to get in the cock pit at all ... ( even with the trackir plugin ). - To total screwed up position of the aircraft in span mode. ( I had just loaded a bi-plane and I have a hunch that might not have been compatible with the cockpit view and TIR ??? i did read about this also ) Regardless, even with a known 3D cockpit I am grounded until I figure this out. What do i do now? Thanks for any help. Wayne
  7. GOOD... I'm goinging to gather up my collection of monitors and hdmi tv's and see what I come up with. I'll hold any questions that i have for now until I read what you guys put up in links and start hooking things up. Typipcally things get answered as you go along. Like What the Heck is FSX ??? embarrassingly . I actually had to google that one and finally figured it out. I see MR 767 made the same error I did.. GTx instead of GT. Well, at least I have some places to look. I was starting to worry because I was reading you can, you can't.. yada yada... I started out confused about the GT - GTX difference ( of which there seems to be a Huge difference in performance) which is why I could not afford one when i bought my gpu ! Well, at least we can fly and not have to stare out of one screen. I can live with not seeing every little scenery detail untill I can fall back and regroup on the cash outlay. HEY.. I found a brand spanking new white racing style high back leather bucket seat on craigs list for $100 bucks! OK... thanks for the info and I'll be back with more questions, I'm sure. thanks!!!! Woodsglen. I made the decision of getting ( what I felt ) was a decent controller first, and use my existing hardware rather than spend money on something I ( we would ) get bored with or wish we had bought in short order, so the Thrustmaster worthog seemed like a controller that could have a lot of options for other aircraft as far as switches and control options ( as well as a mock up of the A-10 ) I do have
  8. I'm setting up a family flight sim. I'm new to Flight Sims, other than the old days of WW2 fighters and the microsoft Force feedback pro with a game port. Can I run 3 monitors on the single 2 gig EVGA GeForce GT640 with the following setup?.. ( I would prefer to keep it simple and run this one card... at least to to start) I have no clue if the motherboard ( see bleow ) would support 2 graphics cards or if you can run the internal graphics on the motherboard and an external card and get three independant monitor views. ( or more)? This is all new to me. I know the Computer is not the best but replacing it is really not an option with the cost of the other stuff. I hope there is not too much info here... Flight Sim Hardware aquired ( on the way ) so far is: Thrustmaster a10 thunderbolt (stick and throtttle) saitek combat rudder pedals Track IR v5 Planning on Flight software.... DCS a-10C and probably something like X plane Computer: HP: P6331p - Cheap - But it's a quad core 64 bit Windows 7 machine vs a better built 32 bit dual core Vista machine. EVGA GeForce GT640 2GB ddr3 pci expressdirect X 11 Open GL4.2 2 DVI ports 1 mini HDMI port 16 Gigs Corsair XMS3 SDRAM DDR3 Processor: AMD II X4 630 Manufacturer: Foxconn Form factor: uATX Chipset: AMD 785G Memory sockets: 4 x DDR3 Front side bus speeds: 5200 MT/s Processor socket: AM3 Expansion Slots: 1 PCI x16 slot for graphics card 3 PCI x1 slots 1 PCI Express x1 minicard slot Many thanks! Woodsglen