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    Hi, I download demo version of FsCaptain for FS9. I already have FSpassengers I like it too. But I think FsCaptain have better realism. So if I purchase FsCaptain, Fspassengers is going where all other deleted bytes go. :biggrin: But I have some questions for FsCaptain users. I have been searhing for two days then I decide to join the Avsim. I like to plan my own flights but I can't figure out how to do it with FsCaptain. Is it possible ? When I using Fspassengers I can fly 2-3 flights in a row without ending flight. Fspassengers can change flight id without ending flight or using aircraft selection menu. While Aircraft parked on appron with APU running I plan my flight with FsCommander, load the new plan to FS9 then takeoff. It's good thing not start cold and dark for every flight. :smile: Can I do it with FsCaptain ? And above all I use 3 aircraft in FS9. QWSim Avro/RJ, iFly 737 and PMDG 747. Can I use them with FsCaptain ? I can't find cfg's. And they are complex addons. Are there any issues with FsCaptain ? Any information would be greatly appreciated.