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  1. jaystar48


    I wanna use a mouse click to enable the view basically. I see theres a free view in chase plane i can use any button on the keyboard to enable and disable exept with mouse click. If i turn that off and use whats already there the camera switches back to the default view it doesn`t keep its position on the overhead. wakatta?
  2. jaystar48


    The mouse click feature must be added to move the pan view camera within chase plane. If I click on the mouse to pan the camera in the direction i wanna look at say the overhead. As soon as i click the mouse again to keep that view the camera immediatly switches to the default view i have set up which is the straight foward view. The camera doesn`t stay in the position I put it.
  3. jaystar48


    Can the devs of chase plane please add an option to move the camera via mouse click. Also the camera moves then stops when the mouse is clicked again, similar to fsx's PAN VIEW. The function is ebbed in the application but when i let off with the mouse it immediately swerves right back to my default view. I have to shut down the app then use the fsx views.
  4. i told them what ever they use is not very good. i only had one account look how many flights i did http://www.vataware.com/pilot.cfm?cid=1265135 i dont get it and they wont listen to me dude! i basically gave up
  5. they said they see my ip has change but its my pc thats being tracked it has two users..why will i choose now to make an account from a decade ago ya know? they dont answer me man i already created an ivao account gonna do my flights there its just so stupid how they just blacklist ppl for no reason
  6. how i been nothing but truthful these people where spinning me in circles ignore all what im telling them of course i got frustrated!
  7. MY apologies in advance for length of this thread and as the first post of mine im sorry again.I'm a Jay Alexander i just needed a place to voice my opinion because VATSIM is an utter disappointment. The so called ''BOG'' vice president for membership in the USA wont even respond to me...a few days ago 4 to be exact i get off work coming to wine down on the VATSIM network. Trying to log in it just wont go through, i checked my email to find: Jason Alexander (1265135), This is an automated notice from the VATSIM central database. You have been permanently suspended for the following reason: DUPLICATE ID REQUESTED - OTHER ID(S) WERE ACTIVE Duplicate ID found. We are suspending permanently this ID and we are keeping in active status the ID 876827. Please do NOT create any new accounts as they will be tracked down. If you need assistance please visit http://membership.vatsim.net/user/ PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RE-CONNECT TO THE VATSIM NETWORK OR TRY TO CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT AT ANY TIME! Any such attempt will result in the automatic notification of your Regional Director. Your Regional Director or your Divisional Director will contact you to follow up on this matter. Please note: You cannot reply to this automated e-mail. further analysis on the id which was not mine James Blanco 876827. i come to find that its was created over a DECADE ago i was 11 then 22 now (2003-07-08 05:44:14) when my orignal account was created (2013-07-25 16:58:28) he is a controller and i am not, I searched it in the forgot pass list the email was ????@yahoo.com i dont know what the EMAIL IS! i cant even access the damn account. ​It was a ridiculous banning, coming from a hard days work i was angered. from here ill post the the full conversation starting with what they replied when i sent my tickets. ---Mr. Alexander, We have re-reviewed our security records and have determined that contrary to your statement evidence shows that you have made multiple accounts. The choice is yours. You can use your original account: 876827 or you can choose to not use VATSIM it's that simple. If you continue to make further accounts then we can help make that decision for you. Regards, Brian Pryor - 810138 Membership Dept Team Lead VATSIM North America ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ME ---ITS NOT MINE THAT WAS MADE OVER A DECADE AGO IM 22 YEARS OLD SIR WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME =----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please re-read my message. I understand what you're saying but our position is not changing. The evidence shows otherwise. Do you have some physical proof of your identity that shows your name and age that you'd be willing to share? Brian Pryor - 810138 Membership Dept Team Lead VATSIM North America ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ME --(HERE i sent him my freaking photo id in this message my birth date and name. you think he would just let it go?) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for that information. Can you explain why we have positive matches to other accounts? Have you shared your computer with anyone else who uses VATSIM? Brian Pryor - 810138 Membership Dept Team Lead VATSIM North America ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ME- no i have not i switch internet providers that the only network relate activity in the last month. i switched from clearwire to time warner cable. what ever your using to weed out duplicate account is flawed im the only one who uses my pc no other users. let alone me having my pc a decade ago to create that id. the only id i have is the one that got banned on this pc. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So no one else has used your computer at all for VATSIM? I'm not talking IP, but actual computer.. Brian Pryor - 810138 Membership Dept Team Lead VATSIM North America ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ME-- im the only one who uses my pc no other users. let alone me having my pc a decade ago to create that id. the only id i have is the one that got banned on this pc. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There remains the problem. I'm sure now that you're Jason Alexander. But our records (which i've been here since the networks beginning and they've yet to ever be wrong) show that your computer has continued to be a match to the account of James Blanco. Your IP has changed but the computer itself remains a match. Until we can get a straight answer as to your link with these other accounts it just isn't possible to re-activate your account. When you are willing to explain the link truthfully we can continue. Brian Pryor - 810138 Membership Dept Team Lead VATSIM North America --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ME- man my pc is not a decade old are you kidding me i have a toshiba satalite notebook i play vatsim on this is ###### you vatsim person are the most ridiculous iv ever dealt with what more proof do you want? MY PC IS A TOSHIBA SATELLITE NOTBOOKI THATS WHAT I PLAYU VATSIM ON ITS NOT A DECADE OLD I RUNS WINDOWS 7 ME- what you mean by explaining the link truthfully that what iv been doing all along i sent you my freaking id. who are you man? in no shape im related to anyone named john blanco this is a new laptop how can it be linked what ever bot your using is screwed up. i sent you my freaking id and birth date i was 11 when this other account was made are you kidding me? ME- its painfully obvious your trying your hardest to be correct but your wrong. why do you try so hard to be correct because trying to save face lead? i have a toshiba laptop no need to tell you my info i sent you my id . its a new pc not a decade old come on now man ME - now i see why people move to ivao its because of unprofessionial appointed people like yourself how much ''evidence'' do you idiots need? if its spite you have no evidence can prove you wrong sir. ========================================================================================================================================================= I SENT THIS MAN MY ID AND PICTURES OF MY PC! all this was over an account created a decade ago which im pretty sure the orignal holder USES! i checked he flew from KPHL TO KMIA i normally do KJFK TO CYYZ back and forth and some times KJFK TO KMIA they say he uses my pc but im the only one with log in credentials for my PC! let this be known and archived the morons behind VATSIM
  8. MY apologies for double post slow internet orignal please read below