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  1. For me both experiment 1 and 2 enabled together hides the cursor but does the view down thing, Experiment 1 doesn't hide the cursor and neither does experiment 2, Both experiments need to be enabled for me to hide the cursor but has the view down.
  2. Hello I just installed vfx central and chaseplane but chaseplane won't open I keep getting a blank crash file ? Any tips ? Thanks
  3. Hi Couatl isn't starting automatically as it used to in P3D I have to start it manually Anyone else having the same problem Thanks
  4. This look ok ? http://i.imgur.com/G6iGA7x.png
  5. Hi Is there a specific way that orbx products should be ordered in scenery library, I.e Ftx Ireland above OpenLC scenery ? Thanks
  6. I have tried changing the files, Setting mesh, Ftx configurator but it still isn't working :/
  7. Still the same problem I have tried re naming files and re installing but no luck
  8. I have fix global and fix global vector, I ran the fix vector config but the issue is still the same the elevation is wrong for some reason ?
  9. Is there any fix for this ? The airport elevation has gone strange http://i.imgur.com/ytpodYL.jpg Thanks B)
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