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  1. Xiaomaoxin

    Norway! UPDATED

    Hm. For now I'll just hope that I can fly to Oslo tomorrow without problems. If it still freezes I'll try to find all oslo related files and remove them to see if that solves the problem. Thanks for the quick answer Bit jealous of being at sea. I am way too far from the ocean right now...
  2. Xiaomaoxin

    Norway! UPDATED

    I tried taking off from Oslo ENGM today with the 737 NGX and I never got far. FSX always froze at some point betweem 2000 and 24000 feet during the climb out on one of the SIDs going north. Since I (luckily) havent had this problem so far (flew around bergen, bodö, trondheim etc). Therefore I think it may have to do something with the scenery around ENGM although it definetly is not framerate of graphics related as far as I can see. Is anything like that known? Maybe some mistake I made during installing? I am pretty sure I did everything right (I installed everything except GA Airfields). Thanks in Advance I will try to fly into Oslo from Bergen tomorrow to see if it freezes on inbound too...