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  1. endless_discovery

    Textures flickering problem

    Hi, Pretty certain this has something to do with Chaseplane..... As you can see from the 2 pics(link) in the static view that i have setup the AI traffic engines textures are flickering black and also the surrounding scenery textures are flickering like crazy https://ibb.co/fyAFkk https://ibb.co/iqmXWQ The moment i enable Chaseplane the scenery shimmering stops immediately but the airplane textures(engine) are still black and flickering. All i did was copy the presets from PMDG 737 house to a livery i downloaded and since then i am noticing this problem. Not sure if its merely a coincidence or related. Please help. I have tried almost everything short of a clean install and i cant seem to fix the black texture flickering problem of the engines. Using UT2 AI traffic . Please help!
  2. endless_discovery

    Virtual Doors not working

    So i setup a couple of doors as per the FSFX tutorial video(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_1r7_lgIb8 to transition from the cockpit to outside and back but its not working. on setting up the transitioning there is a msg that comes up ' This door cannot be accesses from this camera mode' Convert Door to Outside button??
  3. Setup: Win 7, P3D on three 23" monitors using Nvidia surround. Issue: Random CTD usually within the first 5-10 min of flight usually with a msg that the display driver has failed or a .dll failed to load. Tried so far: -Clean install - Different versions of drivers -Delete/replace corrupted .dll . xml files etc.. -almost everything else that's been suggested on the forums... Conclusion: After almost a week of breaking my head with this CTD issue i figured the only way i dont get any CTD's is by not using Nvidia surround and simply running P3D on a single monitor. But i very much like the 3 monitor set up. I must admit my GPU is 5+ years old (GTX 650 Ti Boost). Do i need to upgrade the GPU or is there any other way around it. Please help this poor simmer folks!