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  1. Look this: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/anyone-having-the-a320nx-working-with-1-21-18-0/479918/19 Dieter
  2. I had not said that the A320NX does anything wrong. The question is, where does the data come from? Not from Navigraph and not from the Sim, because both behave the same.
  3. RNAV works perfectly with the A32NX Experimental. But not with the airports in Switzerland. I have tested these airports: LFSB, LSGS, LSZH and LSGG. APPR could not be activated at any of them. All data are correctly stored in the MCDU, but still no approach is possible. As I said, I only found it here. A request to Navigraph showed that it is not due to the data. Without Navigraph data I found the same behavior. Does anyone have an idea? WoDi
  4. Please activate "Firmware TPM" and all is fine. You don´t need a TPM-chip. Dieter
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