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  1. I get a hardware upgrade allowance from my job so of course I try to upgrade my processor once a year which usually means a new mother board and a complete re-install of windows. In addition to the rebuilds .. when P3D installations get bloated or something gets corrupt you find yourself in a full re-install position anyway.
  2. Hello everyone first of all thanks for all the help and support over the years. P3D has been a blast and a huge source of frustration. I am just simply done with trying to keep my P3D installation in tip top form. Every time i rebuild my machine I have to chase down all my add-ons.. get reactivation reset for various products and no matter how hard I have tried to script the re-installation process with the tons of add-ons and tweaks I am just tired and done. Watching the possible revolution that Microsoft Flight simulator 2020 might be, removed any remaining desire I have left to invest in P3D for the time being. Its kind of like when I was younger and trying to learn the guitar. I spent so much time fiddling with my tone that I ended up not playing as much as I should. The reason for my post is not that I expect anyone to really care but I am curious to how many folks feel the same way ? With all of P3D's legacy code quirks and the add-on ecosystem that improves on basic features the sim does not have are you feeling discouraged to invest any longer now that we have some possible hope that plane add-ons might be the only thing we need to invest in? Anyway .. regardless of what happens with FS2020 and P3D This forum has been a huge part of my reading daily for years and I am thankful for you all! I did not contribute much but again Thank you.
  3. Hello everyone this is my first post and I wanted it to hopefully be a helpful one. Background on me.. I work for a major Hardware Manufacturer as an Enterprise Architect building large scale Data Center solutions. It has been an interesting journey to say the least trying to optimize my desktop PC to work WELL with P3D over the years. It is a unique animal as most of the approaches you would take towards getting better performance with any game is throw more GPU power at it. This is not the case with P3D. Everything has to work well together and overclocking one component can yield worse results without looking at your system holistically. So i tried to take an approach I would take when looking at bottle necks in an enterprise system. 1st Attempt at Reasonable Performance after upgrading twice from a 2700k followed by a 4770k: 6850k overclocked to 4.3 GHz with 2133 RAM and a 1080ti on a SATA based 6 GB/s SSD. G-Sync Monitor with 100Hz refresh rate About 90-99% CPU utilization and 60-70% GPU Utilization. Lots of stutters with High CPU activity. 30 FPS on the ground in lean scenery and 15-20 in Heavy Scenery. 60-70 FPS at Cruising Altitude. Thought my PC would be a rockstar at running P3D with most sliders maxed out. Not the case. 2nd Attempt: 8086K overcloked to 5GHZ initially with my old sticks of 2133 RAM and a 1080ti and a NVMe Samsung M2 SSD Higher FPS by 10-15 FPS but still lots of stutters... was going to pull my hair out. Had some 3200 sticks of RAM on order as Coffee lake is certified with 2666 or higher. Once I put the RAM in the stutters are gone. My guess is the following: Through sheer luck I managed to find a sweet spot between the speed of components. I had a CPU that was screaming with RAM not being able to keep up. I had an overclocked GPU and disk which was so fast at 32 GB/s that I dont think it was bottle necking there. So for me the RAM was the smoking gun and the weak link between all my settings. I used to think overclock the CPU and RAM with ok timings and speed wont make a difference as it does not in most games. With P3D everything seems to need to work in unison and quite effectively. To try to prove my theory I went back to the 1st attempt build and replaced the 2133 RAM with 2133 with way better timings and reduced the overclock on the CPU and GPU. Stutters gone. This is a lot of information and also minimal information so if you need more help message me and I can help you find your sweet spot. Not claiming to be a magician or to have found the cure all.. just thought i would share something that might be useful.
  4. I had 2 1080ti's in SLI. I saw very minimal performance gains. Only DX12 games really shined. Everything else was me flipping back and forth between CAM trying to see if my SLI was actually on which it was. But that tells you how little I was wowed.
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