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  1. Hi Roland. Thank you very much for you fix. But problem remains the same except when AIJetRoutesOnly=1. In this case AI crafts fly jet routes correct. If AIJetRoutesOnly=0 AI make circling around jetroutes WP. Thanks! Edward.
  2. Hi, Roland. Thank you for your great program. I have problem with AI using jet routes. Any AI craft after assigning jet route proceeds to active waypoint shown in AI Monitor in “Waypoint” column. After passing active waypoint there is no switching to next waypoint. AI plane flies along large circle and tries to pass same point again. And this continues until AI Controller stopped. I checked the AICONTROLLER.log file and found error messages regarding problem AI crafts. They look similar AICONTROLLER has encountered an error, please note the following error information. ***** EXCEPTION = 19 SendID = 92884 Index = 5cbData = 24 Pacifica Flight 1166 (UR50685) CIRCLED the waypoint 6 with no commanded holds, advancing to next waypoint to avoid indefinite circling. There are no problems regarding SID/STAR routes. My system Windows 10 x64, FSX Acceleration Expansion Eng. Both simulator and AI Controller run in administrator mode with default setting (only “Enable Jet Routes” option changed to ON). I encountered this problem using various traffic such as My Traffic, SKYAITraffic and default traffic. Thanks! Edward.