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  1. Timebandit

    MS FSX Pilot Pro

    I bought the MS FSX Pilot Pro book several years ago. It had, in my opinion very beneficial maps/training scenarios you could download from Wiley.com and load into FSX. I have tried to load the flights into FSX recently and am having no luck. If anyone has used these or knows how to get them to work, please advise...
  2. Timebandit

    EZdock frustrations

    I've recently run into a lot of issues trying to use EZdock and am hoping someone has a solution. I recently installed Ezdock and upgraded to v 1.17. I always run the ezca.exe before I start FSX. I have several issues going on: 1. EZCA will not open in full screen mode, only in windowed mode. 2. Once open in widowed mode, it does not cycle through default views, and it pauses FSX. I unchecked pause on task in FSX settings and it still does it. 3. Center mouse button does nothing. I have uninstalled and re-installed several times starting with v 1.15 to 1.16, and finally v 1.17. Still no change. I went into FSX and deleted all te button assignments arrows, PGUp/Down, Num pad....still no change. I changed FSX.exe to run as admnistrator....no change. EZdock is in my Program Files not my C:FSX file so not sure if this is the issue. I am using Saitek Pro Yoke and Rudder. HAT switch does nothing even when I select HAT to act as button. Getting very frustrated with the whole thing. Worked fine with 1.15. But even that doesn't work like it did. I did a clean install of FSX and reloaded all the add-ons(A2A C172/EZdock). FSX runs very well. A2A C172 works just fine. I'm at a loss. Anyone that knows a fix, I would appreciate it.