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  1. Well, you know they make manuals for Boeing. Could be the Boeing 2707.
  2. BGA001

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    They already have... Jeff Baumgartner
  3. Is there going to be a paintkit for the DC-6 in FSX?
  4. BGA001

    No DC-6 paintkit for FSX?

    Awesome news!! Thanks Robert!!
  5. BGA001

    What's next PMDG? B787 maybe?

    I would upload a pic but for some reason I can't. I saw a BA 787 in Austin, TX on the 8th. Did not expect to see that there, let alone a BA one.
  6. BGA001

    Dear PMDG, please seriously consider this.

    Now that is what I call thread revival!!
  7. BGA001

    Just felt like sharing

    Thought you all would enjoy this pic... It is of my personal 777 over Germany at sunrise.