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  1. Hi, I am trying to emulate some of the panel configs which replace the 530 screen with the 750 in the 3D panel. How are you guys working out the correct position to use in the RXP ini file? I've opened up some of the defaults to play around in plane maker and found the position reported in there for the 530 screen does not correlate at all to the ini file. I.E. the default B58 530_Screen in the 3D Panel in plane maker is X:405 Y:315 The RXP .ini file from the panel mod config thread has it at X:275 Y:666 - where can I find those numbers for various aircraft without blindly changing them to see where it turns up? Is there a more in depth manual for this than the 16 page document that basically says there's an .ini file, good luck with that.... Thanks
  2. big_nick

    View keys

    Hi, I like the view manager (shift+1), but I don't like the way it stole the F9-F12 default view change keys. Does anyone know a way to liberate the captive F keys whilst retaining the usability of the view manager? Thanks Nick
  3. big_nick

    Pricing for previous customers?

    I think they said the 5 EUR is the previous owner discount, just open to everyone at the moment while they set it all up.