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  1. bentong95923

    fatal error for VOXATC! so annoying, plz help!

    thanks for all friends to help me ! i will try capt s method. my spec is : HDD 640GB Graphic card: 1GB GeForce GT 520M RAM :4GB DDR 2/3 (i forgot...) cpu: intel 15 OS: windows 7 any advice?
  2. bentong95923

    fatal error for VOXATC! so annoying, plz help!

    i have waited for a while, but still haven't received their reply............. ToT
  3. Hi everyone, I got voxatc about few weeks, but I frequently got " fatal error" during the beginning of the flight (haven't taken-off"). I want to add more voices so I installed some voice. I didn't get this error before installing any new voice (ie only the default voice Anna...). First I install the voices from Neospeech. Then I started to get this error message. After that somehow I knew that Neospeech may lead to error with voxatc in fsx so I uninstall it. Then I found that voxatc have voice packs (voxpop) to download so I downloaded and installed it. However, "fatal error" still happens on every flight. Then I uninstalled it. I then tried AT&T VOICES, also cannot get rid of this error. I have already run the indexer many times, but the problem is still there. I almost get this error on EVERY FLIGHT!! It is so annoying to me and I get very frustrated about it.... Is it normal????? I dun think it is...... anyone help plz?? I will also use FDC cockpit, FS Global Real Weather, FS captain, pmsound, fspassenger during the flight I know that voxatc will control AI traffic, I also installed Mytraffic 2010, is it lead to the error???? Please help me... I like voxatc very much, and the interaction, but just the dame fatal error!!!!........thanks! My voxatc version is 6.20