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  1. The same error happened again... Someones help would be really appreciated!! Or do you know where to contact wilco's staff?? Thank you
  2. I tried to reinstall it and it looks fine, but I'll wait a couple days to see what will happen
  3. Hi everyone, I bought the vol 1 about two weeks ago and everything worked fine and I didn't find any problems within the simulation. However two days ago I loaded the aircraft from the FSX menu, started the flight and saw only a white screen without any noise or menu bar. I tried loading up other airports but nothing changed, then with the default Cessna and the sim loaded fine. Is it a problem regarding my pc, fsx or wilco?? I installed it running the setup as admin and regularly bought it. I use FSX+acceleration with Windows 7 64 bit and fs2crew. A help would be really appreciated also because I want to buy the volume 2 but if the 1 doesn't work I don't want to risk that the 2 doesn't work either. Thank you in advance,
  4. CharkyFaz

    Repainter Looking for Work

    Hy Golyaht, hope you are not so busy! I would like to have the PMDG 777-200LR Alitalia EI-DDH (Skyteam livery). I don't know if they re painted beacuse when i flew with it it was the normal Alitalia Livery (which I already have) but now if you search on google it's with the Skyteam one. Obviously this is going to be a fictional livery because Alitalia operates the 200ER not LR but I think that my VA is going to accept it! It would be a pleasure to fly with it! Thank you! Some pictures of it: