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  1. Hello, I am creating a VA based in a real operator in central Europe, I have a pilot area which is nearly finished but here is my problem I can't find an ACARS/FDR which is free for pilots and customizable to match my system. I've tried smartCars but without success, they provide only support for phpVMS users, and since the pilot area I created is made by myself they can't provide support. I've thought about creating one, but I only have knowledge on HTML - PHP MySQL/jQuery programming Does someone knows any software for that? Or is there any virtual airline sharing or selling they're acars/fdr system which I could customize to my system? Best Regards Diogo Figueiredo
  2. Hi, Is this software still alive, I tried to send an email but it says it is no longer available. Thanks in advance PS: I have just created a VA which is still in construction, we need a FDR, the think is, I see that simFDR works only with simfdr.com, is there an option to get the flight parameters sent to my server as well? Another question is, is there an option to record weights in kgs? And is simFDR sending position records to a server so that aircraft position and flight status can be displayed? Thanks for your help
  3. Hi guys, I have a problem with the main panel of the fs2crew. I open it, runs great the only problem is that I can't close it again, I assign the C key for open/close, click on the right screw but the panel goes and comes again instantly. Does someone expirence this prob? Thx
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