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  1. roncoylejr

    Prepar3D v3 SimObjects.cfg

    SimonC Thanks for your help. I finally located SimObects on my 2nd drive. I use a different drive from primary for the sim. The Nvidia driver 378.33 is the answer to my VAS issue. Flight from KLAS to KSFO with Scenery airports, Caenado 525, VFXCentral, EZDOK2, AS16, vPilot. VAS monitor showed MBs 2989 - 3324. The average VAS noted during flight 3098 MB. FPS average 17 on final with P3Dv3.4 setting Maxed Out. VAS on final was 3224 at 10NM. The leak appears to be gone. I will put all of my ORBX back on and see how it does. I fly PMDG; ORBX might not work for long runs. Thank you so much.
  2. roncoylejr

    Prepar3D v3 SimObjects.cfg

    Thanks. I will continue to search my other hard drive for the SimObject file. The VAS issue is a time consuming test of the sim. I hope the new drive by Nvidia fixes the issue. If not I will go back to 378.33. I have MSI software running with the GSX 1070 card. Maybe that is causing a leak too. Once I can get these two issues resolved, I love the new sim. Long time FSX user.
  3. roncoylejr

    Prepar3D v3 SimObjects.cfg

    I have all files checked to be seen. Looked in all directories. No simobject file. I have an even worst issue with VAS stops. See all these people with ORBX Global, Vector, Tree; plus high end addon airports not having any issues with VAS. I can't fly from KSFO to KLAS with the same without getting a VAS stop. Going to see if the Nvidia driver is the issue. ORBX is taken off and still get VAS stops with the Carenado C525. I have high end airport scenery. I just don't get it. I have download from Prepar twice v3.4.22.19???(hf3).
  4. roncoylejr

    Prepar3D v3 SimObjects.cfg

    Would there be any reason not to have a SimObjects.cfg file in a new install of Prepar3D v3 Prof.. I have look and searched through my whole computer without success.