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  1. enzoaugusto

    Chaseplane 0.2.64

    I'm with v0.3.5 Beta, I go into Prepar3d v3 and it works perfectly like instead, as I sometimes restart the simulator because it does not work zoom and my difficulties to zoom in automatically and I can not change.
  2. enzoaugusto

    Set up view Chase Plane Saitek Yoke

    Thanks my friends!
  3. I have Saitek Flight Yoke, I can not enable the Hat Switch, only the mouse, I want to be able to look sideways like in the mouse but in the Hat Switch, when I disable the Global, I get the free vision in the Hat Switch, but the saved views do not work .
  4. enzoaugusto

    Chaseplane 0.2.64

    Good afternoon, from the beginning I fell in love with Chaseplane, I am in the version 0.2.64 Alpha Exp., I never had problems, now he is not loading properly the saved cameras, the position is right but the zoom is not, when having to change through the chaseplane It does not change anything, it changes in the options of camera and it does not move, I can not configure new cameras, I never had problems now it is presenting, I use the PD3 v3, I installed V4 but I am not using it yet, what is happening?