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  1. Hi all, Firstly, I'm getting back into flight simming in general, and believe X-Plane is the way forward for our hobby. Now I'm extremely impressed with all the FREE content available in terms of scenery/planes and am simply wanting to get the most out of what I am running. With that in mind, I am using Simheaven London ZL17 photoscenery and OSM with autogen and giving things a go at EGLL (Aerosoft-supplied package with the global X-Plane 10 installation). This free scenery is great, but unfortunately not perfect as you will see from the screenies below. Not only do the airport objects and photoscenery textures not line up, but there are random roads along the apron etc. when roads settings are on "tons" as opposed to "default". It looks like a compromise must be made between not having roads etc running along the runway but then not having the centre of London populated with roads/traffic. With roads set to "tons" Roads set to default I don't suppose theres a way of aligning things up properly? Or would I need to delete the default Aerosoft EGLL directory and get another add-on? Is the combination of Simheaven photoscenery and OSM even the best way of having great UK scenery for X-plane? Thanks for any help